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Abyss' group photo
There are three kinds of enemies vessels in the game, called the Abyss Fleet(battle mode), Illusion Fleet(event maps) and Black History Fleet(campaign mode) respectively.

Their backgrounds and origins are still unknown, however, we can still see something from changes in their facial expressions from SSs to BBVs. According to the illustrator 青冥童子, ranking up in the abyss fleets is basically changing from being forced, to being obedient, then finally actively participating.(basically the transition from a masochist to a sadist)

The system of Abyss Fleet resembles military centralism. Members are classified strictly into different categories of ships and levels according to their military ranks.

Abyss Destroyers is the Cannon Fodder of the fleet. Most of DDs are without consciousness. Only very few of them have intelligence and great fighting capacity.

Abyss CL belong to Labor Class like shepherds. They, together with Abyss DDs, make up the base of Abyss Fleet, and are the most active at the front-lines.

Abyss CA, CLT and SS belong to Soldier Class which are the mainstay of the whole Abyss Fleet.

Abyss BC and CVL are the Lieutenant Class which have limited consciousness and their own habitats. Their job is assisting the General Class with the management.

Abyss BB and CV are generals with high power.

Abyss Flagships are the Monarch of the regular Abyss Fleet.

Abyss Special Fleet is more powerful than the regular fleet. Their leaders are very powerful special ships of the Abyss, and their members are dedicated guards of their leaders. They only appear on the sea at certain times, and their schedule and routes are unknown to us.

Special ship types of Abyss Fleet

Some ship types that are available only in abyss fleet:

Chinese name English name Behaviour
旗舰 Flagship Like a BB
要塞 Fortress Like a BBV
机场 Airport Like a BBV
港口 Port Like a BBV

Naming of Abyss Fleet

For classic abyss ships, they all have a name with a Greek letter and the type of ship.

E.g. Destroyer Delta(Δ)-class Type I (chs: 驱逐Δ级Ⅰ型)

Letter Pronunciation Types of ships Letter Pronunciation Types of ships
Α Alpha Destroyers Ν Nu Aviation Battleships
Β Beta Ξ Xi Light Aircraft Carriers
Γ Gamma Ο Omicron Aircraft Carriers
Δ Delta Π pi Submarines
Ε Epsilon Light Cruisers Ρ Rho
Ζ Zeta Σ Sigma
Η Eta Τ[1] Tau Destroyers
Θ Theta Torpedo Cruisers Υ Upsilon Replenishment Oilers (AP)
Ι Iota Heavy Cruisers Φ[1] Phi Submarines
Κ Kappa Battle cruisers Χ[1] Chi Aircraft Carriers
Λ Lambda Battleships Ψ[1] Psi Battleships
Μ Mu Ω[1] Omega Heavy Cruisers

1. These ships are now appeared at the new map (2-5, 2-6, 7-1 .etc) and have a different illustration to other same type of abyss ships.

Abyss Fleet
Land Bases Specific Pachina
Aircraft Carriers Classic Enemy Aircraft Carrier
Specific ShōkakuZuikakuAkagi & Kaga
Light Aircraft Carriers Classic Enemy Light Aircraft Carrier
Battleships Classic Enemy Battleship
Specific Yamato
Aviation Battleships Classic Enemy Aviation Battleship
Specific Sükhbaatar
Battlecruisers Classic Enemy Battlecruiser
Heavy Cruisers Classic Enemy Heavy Cruiser
Torpedo Cruisers Classic Enemy Torpedo Cruiser
Light Cruisers Classic Enemy Light Cruiser
Destroyers Classic Enemy Destroyer
Submarines Classic Enemy Submarine
Replenishment Oilers Classic Enemy Replenishment Oiler
Specific Sükhbaatar
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