For newcomers, here is an article that explains what happened to this game.

This page is about how to get started, for the actual guide about the game, please go here.

Download Client

Please see: Clients


Step 1. Press the icon.


Step 2. Accept/同意 EULA

License Agreement

Step 3. Click "注册账号/Register"

Sign in window
  • 用户名: Username
  • 密码: Password
  • 忘记密码: Forgotten password
  • 注册账号: Register
  • 登陆: Login

Step 4. Create your account, Press "注册并登录/Register and Login"

Register page
  • 用户名: Username, 6-20 characters
  • 密码: Password, 6-20 characters
  • 确认密码: Re-type password
  • 邮箱: E-mail
  • 邀请码: Invitation Code (Optional)
  • 返回登陆: Back to log on
  • 注册并登录: Register and Login

Step 6. Choose a server (optional), and enter the game (Press "进入游戏/Enter Game") to create your character

Loged in
  • 点击换区: Click to change server
  • 进入游戏: Enter Game
  • 账号管理: Account Management

See also: Servers

Caution: If you have an existing character but the game ask you to choose a new ship when you enter the game, DO NOT PRESS CONFIRM, otherwise it might reset your progress. Please exit the program and try again, if the game still keep asking you or you already have pressed confirm and your progress has been lost, please contact customer service for help.

Create your character

For create a new character, you can choose one initial ship from these four destroyers:

Initial ships are rather rare and hard to get during the game. Do not disassemble them by mistake!

Admiral name

Admiral name can only include 6 characters. Click the die to get a random name. You will need to purchase a Rename Card if you wish to change your name afterward.

Payment method

Please refer to Purchasing.

Change password

  1. Go to the main screen
  2. Click the "More options" button at the navbar (On bottom-right corner)
  3. Go to Setting/设置
  4. Click the third button Change Password/修改密码 on the right.
  5. Enter your current password and new password twice (Combination of numbers and letters, 6-24 digits)

Account FAQ


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