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Real world Terrain

7-2 Real World Terrain
Madeira Island is a Portuguese island which located in north west of Africa. The sea area in game should be somewhere around this island.


Requirement to boss
Route Conditions Number of Combats
A → E → K → M CA ≥ 2 4 (+1)
BB/CV ≥ 2
Total luck ≥ 135
Lowest speed ≤ 24
A → D → [H] → K → M CA ≥ 2 4 (+1)
BB ≤ 1
CV = 2


Stage exclusive drops

CL Oakland (K, L, M)
CVL Guadalcanal (K, L, M)
DD Cushing (L)
SS U156 K, (M)

Rare drops

DD Laffey(Benson Class) (K, L, M)
BM Gustav V (K, L, M)
DD Barfleur (M)
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