Belfast is a light cruiser based on HMS Belfast.


Edinburgh class II, commissioned in 1939. In the early time in the war, she was mainly responsible for the implementation of the escort mission in the northern route. In 1943, in the sinking of the Scharnhorst which belongs to the Battle of the North Cape, she had showed up. She tasked on the fire support during the implementation of the Normandy landings in 1944. She was one of the warships who frist fired to G-army positions in the June 6. She retired in 1963. The warship moored in London and is showed in public. She has become a unique landscape in the city.


Named after Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.


Belfast C
Type CL Birthday 17 March
No. 153

Belfast C

Belfast CD

Rarity 5 Nationality E-Country
Class Edinburgh Class Illustrator E_neko
Attributes Construction/Acquiring
Icon-HP 35 Icon-firepower 27/52 1:20:00
Icon-aircraft 6 Icon-armor 30/50 Equipment
Icon-torpedo 10/50 Icon-luck 40 2 E-Country 6in Guns in triple mountsE-Country 6in Guns in triple mounts
Icon-evasion 30/65 Icon-AA 40/70 2  
Icon-range Medium Icon-recon 10/20 2  
Icon-AS 20/60 Icon-speed 33 0 N/A
More attributes
Disassembling 10/16/10/0
Enhancement 18/10/15/24
Consumption 20/30



Belfast D



Event Quote

Oh? Are you the new commander? I'm light cruiser Belfast. Glad to be a member of your fleet!


I'm extremely thankful. I hope I can share some of my good luck with you, and bring you ever more victories.

(Daytime 1)

The tasks my older sister was unable to complete naturally fall to me to finish. The facts make it clear: there is no one who can escape from the Royal Navy!

(Daytime 2)

Sir Commander, I hope you're doing well. Would you like me to play some music? Ah, my elder sister is here, then let's do it together~

(Daytime 3)

Can you hear the sound of the sea? It truly is a splendid melody.

(Nighttime 1)

The twinkling stars of the Milky Way truly are akin to a moving piece of music. Mmm, I've memorized it. There will be a day when I'll bring it to life.

(Nighttime 2)

Bagpipe performance truly is a deep field of study, I spent a lot of time before I could master it fully. Huh? About a week, what of it?

(Nighttime 3)

Miss Hood, what are you doing here? Are you looking for your cat again? Ah, what was it called again? Wawawa! Don't start crying!


Reconnaissance complete. My Royal Navy comrades, prepare to attack.


Maybe this will do it!

Night Attack

Contributing to the attack!


I'm a light cruiser, after all...


  • Usually called "Bel" or "BF" (not Battlefield) by Chinese players.
  • Belfast is one of the luckiest ships in the history. She has ever been hit by a torpedo, and she was even discovered by a German submarine. However, she didn't sink. After the war, many famous ships like HMS Warspite, HMS Rodney didn't escape from the fate of dismantling. Belfast was conserved till now. In the game, she has the second highest luck and it seems she is proud of it very much.
  • The illustration of Belfast is of Scotland style. She is playing The Great Highland Bagpipe with traditional Scottish kilt. The head of buck on the badge which is on her cape means fearless.
Interview of E_neko (illustrator of Edinburgh-class)

(Interviewer: Taiho; Interviewee: E_neko)

E: Belfast was the first one to fire at the enemies in the Battle of Normandy. So I was to design a powerful and brave Belfast at first. I did some research when drawing the damaged illustration but found that she did not receive so much damage in the front. So her clothes at back is ragged.

T: Belfast looks like an active little girl. I didn't know she is so brave.

E: And her musical instrument, I considered a lot as well. Celtic harp is the symbol of Ireland (Belfast is a city of Northern Ireland) but it sounds too tranquil. What's more, harp is too heavy for a light cruiser. So I gave up. Then I thought bagpipes would be OK. Actually Ireland has its own bagpipes but it's not used any more. I was afraid that I would draw some details incorrectly. Another one is Uilleann pipes. But Uilleann pipes require bellows which is hard to draw. The tone is somewhat... homesick, you know, and it's not suitable.

T: So at the end you chose Scottish bagpipes didn't you? It sounds vibrant and emotional. I think it's suitable for a military band.

E: Yeah! I chose Scottish Highland bagpipes at last. It sounds vibrant. Actually to play highland pipes takes some effort. We can see that Belfast is really powerful.

T: After all she is a warship.

E: Her costume is unified with Edinburgh's. But the badge on the cloak is different (head of buck, means fearless).

T: Now we've got Legion in current version. What about we draw a set and put Belfast at flagship, so the BGM will change to Scottish style? (LOL)

E: 15K drew better than me! I like that Royal Oak. But Edinburgh is too weak so that she is in Scots Guards. 15K's is in Guard of Honour. But, I've heard that the remodeling of Edinburgh is going to be available soon...

(Translator: Helloworld)

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