Since Love of QuincyQuincyQuin! is released, 利贝尔遗魂 kept claiming that he is doing something big. Today (Actually that was xmas, but who cares), it is finally here. New song: Just to see you

【原创歌曲】【多国语CV】只为与你相见 PV

【原创歌曲】【多国语CV】只为与你相见 PV

Original link:

However, Warship Girls is always with cat fight. Last time, some people commented Love of QuincyQuincyQuin! that it is insult to First Love! Torpedo Squadron as music for a rip-off game. This time, the blasting fuse is that Bilibili edited some data to pop up an incorrect views, therefore, it can't go to the top 10 of the section. Also, the only reason is given is "There is something inappropriate in the vedio". Lots of admrials are questioning about Bilibili's content policy and believing Bilibili is suppressing Warship Girls. However, Bilibili is also not being nice to Kancolle because "contents issues" (Other sites don't block KC, so Bilibili made that up). Some KC fans is asking BiliBili to "get the balance between two WWII navies related games". Bilibili hasn't have any further response yet. 

Well, just have your say, what do you reckon about this incident, or the voices, or the music? Personally, Chaser's voice is the only English voice that is comfortable to hear. You might disagree my opinion, I don't mind there is a cat fight here about voices and music XD.

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