Completing Campaigns are one of the ways to acquire Cores for remodelling, the other one is by completing some of the daily quests. The campaigns are based on real life events and the enemies are named after ships involved in the said campaign.

There are four campaigns where a player can choose from normal mode and hard mode. A player can participate in 8 battles a day.

  • Battle of Narvik
  • Battle of Cape Matapan
  • Battle of the Denmark Strait
  • Battle of Coral Sea
  • Ambush on English Channel

Winning a campaign with Rank S or above in normal mode gives the player a 20% chance of acquiring a core. In hard mode the possibility of acquiring a core is increased to 60% but you can only sortie with a specific fleet composition. There is a small chance of acquiring a core with lower rank. In addition to the core, a player also gets resources.

Battle of Narvik

Finish Quest P12 to unlock

Core: Destroyer Core

Enemies Fleet
Normal Hard
Ship Level Ship Level
DD Georg Thiele Lv 5 BB HMS Warspite Lv 50 DD
DD Wolfgang Zenker  Lv 5 DD HMS Bedouin Lv 30 DD
DD Bernd von Arnim Lv 5 DD HMS Cossack Lv 30 DD
DD Erich Giese Lv 5 DD HMS Punjabi Lv 30 DD
DD Erich Koellner Lv 5 DD HMS Eskimo Lv 30 DD
SS U-64 Lv 8 DD HMS Hero Lv 30 DD

Battle of Cape Matapan

Finish Quest P14 to unlock

Core: Cruiser Core

Enemies Fleet
Normal Hard
Ship Level Ship Level
BB HMS Warspite Lv 17 CV HMS Formidable Lv 53 BB
BB HMS Barham Lv 15 BB HMS Warspite Lv 53 CA
BB HMS Valiant Lv 15 BB HMS Barham Lv 47 CA
CL HMS Ajax Lv 3 BB HMS Valiant Lv 47 CL
CL HMS Gloucester Lv 3 DD HMAS Stuart Lv 35 CL
CL HMS Orion Lv 3 DD HMS Nubian Lv 35 DD

Battle of the Denmark Strait

Finish Quest P22 to unlock

Core: Battleship Core

Enemies Fleet
Normal Hard
Ship Level Ship Level
BB Bismarck Lv 17 BB Bismarck Lv 47 BC
CA Prinz Eugen Lv 15 CA Prinz Eugen Lv 44 BB
DD Z Class Lv 5 DD Z Class Lv 35 CA
DD Z Class Lv 5 DD Z Class Lv 35 CA
DD Z Class Lv 5 SS U Class Lv 29 DD
DD Z Class Lv 5 SS U Class Lv 29 DD

Battle of Coral Sea

Finish Quest P24 to unlock

Core: Aircraft Carrier Core

Enemies Fleet
Normal Hard
Ship Level Ship Level
CVL Shoho Lv 20 CV Shokaku Lv 41 CV
CA Aoba Lv 13 CV Zuikaku Lv 41 CV
CA Kako Lv 13 CA Myoko Lv 44 DD
CA Kinugasa Lv 13 CA Myoko Lv 44 DD
CA Furutaka LV 13 DD Akebono Lv 35 DD
DD Sazanami Lv 5 DD Ushio Lv 35 DD

Ambush on English Channel

Enemies Fleet Composition
Normal Hard
Ship Level Ship Level
CA Bahomir LV 17 CA Bahomir LV 41 SS
CA Hogue CA Hogue LV 40 SS
CA Cressy CA Cressy LV 40 SS
DD CL Euryalus LV 35
BB Formidable DD Beaver LV 35
BB DD Pathfinder LV 32

Corresponding Battles in History

Battle of Narvik

The Battle of Narvik was fought from 9 April to 8 June 1940. The battleship of Royal Navy, HMS Warspite, sank several German Z-class destroyers in this battle.

In normal mode we are British Navy. Because of the wrong intelligence, only five destroyers were sent to fight with 9 German destroyers. However British Navy still continued the attack and achieved victory. The swordfish of Warspite sank the submarine U-64 as you can see in normal mode, which was the first submarine that was sunk by an aircraft.

In hard mode we are German Navy. The enemies were HMS Warspite, which is the flagship in game, and some destroyers. Here was the burial ground of Z-destroyers in history.

Historical fleet composition: Z2, Z9, Z11, Z12, Z13, Z22

Battle of Cape Matapan

Cape Matapan is on the southwest coast of Greece's Peloponnesian peninsula. In both modes of this battle, we are Italian Navy that fought against British Navy in history.

On 27 March, Vice-Admiral Pridham-Wippell—with the cruisers Ajax, Gloucester, Orion and Perth and a number of destroyers—sailed from Greek waters for a position south of Crete. Admiral Cunningham with Formidable, Warspite, Barham and Valiant left Alexandria on the same day to meet the cruisers.

The three battleships in normal mode are Warspite, Barham, Valiant and three cruisers are Ajax, Gloucester and Orion. HMS Formidable appears in hard mode of this battle. For the Italian Navy, Vittorio Veneto would fight against British Navy.

The Battle of Cape Matapan shows the importance of night battles. After WWI Britain has realised the importance of night battle and were well-prepared for it. Italian navy, however, did not realise it so there were no radar on warships and were unable to spot the position of enemies at night. As for the details of this battle, please refer to the information on Wikipedia.

Historical fleet composition: Vittorio Veneto, Zara, Pola, Duca degli Abruzzi, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Unknown

Battle of the Denmark Strait

Battle of Denmark Strait is famous for German battleship Bismarck, cruiser Prinz Eugen, and HMS Hood, HMS Price of Wales. Bismarck and Prinz Eugen were attempting to break out into the North Altantic to attack Allied merchant shipping, which is Operation Rheinübung.

Spotted by Swedish forces, Royal Navy sent HMS Hood, HMS Prince of Wales, together with HMS Suffolk and HMS Norfolk to intercept them. Bismarck and Prinz Eugen appear in both normal and hard mode in game.

Two forces engaged at 05:35. Because of the radar failure, Bismarck and Prinz Eugen exchanged their position, which made Hood mistake Prinz Eugen for Bismarck, while German ships were attacking Hood and detonated Hood's magazine. This caused a great explosion and Hood sank only 3 minutes after detonation. Suffolk and Norfolk did not managed to attend this historic battle because of their slow speed.

The type 7 uboat submarines were in the Denmark Strait at the time but had no ammunition, so they contributed nothing to the battle. The two type 7 uboat submarines were U-74 and U-556. The U class of submarines is a class of 49 British diesel-electric submarines used around WW2.

Historical fleet composition: Hood, Prince of Wales, Norfolk, Suffolk, Unknown, Unknown

Battle of the Coral Sea

Fought in May 1942, the Battle of Coral Sea was the first time that aircraft carriers fought against each other with aircraft. US Navy lost Lexington in this battle and another aircraft carrier, Yorktown, was damaged, while IJN lost one light aircraft carrier Shoho and aircraft carrier Shokaku was damaged.

93 aircraft (18 F4F Wildcats, 53 SBD dive bombers, and 22 TBD Devastator torpedo bombers) were on their way searching for Japanese aircraft carriers Shokaku and Zuikaku. The searching did not succeed but they found a light aircraft carrier Shoho (which is the enemy flagship in normal mode).

On the second day of battle, US and Japanese forces spotted each other at almost the same time and launched aircraft to attack on each other. With the help of the cloud, Zuikaku was able to send more fighters and US aircraft were unable to form the formation quickly. Attacked by two squadrons from the bow and hit by two torpedoes and two bombs, Lexington was critically damaged, and was scuttled as a result.

Historical fleet composition: Lexington, Yorktown, Morris, Anderson, Hammann, Russell