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This page is about the information of clients of Warship Girls.



There are currently three platforms of Warship Girls:

  • Android (12 regular servers and one CBT server)
  • iOS (7 servers)
  • Platforms (Although Android and iOS are platforms, in this game, "Platform" specifically refers to exclusive servers for Android App stores in China. 2 servers)

Data CANNOT transfer between platforms and even servers in the same platform



  • Requires access code to register account for CBT
  • Has special offers and free resources for testing
  • Normally CBT takes place for a week


  • The only time MF released OBT was 2.0 update, which is the biggest update in the Warship Girls history
  • Savings were deleted after the test


  • The client people use for actual gaming.


Major Updates

MF uses hot patching to push major updates, there are the steps to update the game:

  1. Download the new launcher
  2. Install the new launcher, it will automatically cover the old launcher (DON'T DELETE THE OLD CLIENT*)
  3. The game will match up files and determine what files are needed to be updated.
  4. If nothing is being downloaded, try different network or use VPN.

*Otherwise the launcher will download the whole game instead of parts needed to be updated, and it will take much longer

Hotfix and Minor Updates

MF sometimes pushes hotfix and minor updates for fixing bugs and attribute adjustment. You don't need to download a new launcher for these updates

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