This page will be a general description/guide for Challenge Sea of Dreadnoughts event maps

This event will be started at 12th MAY 3pm and ended at 26th MAY 3pm

Tirpitz's skill for all stages in this event will be effective even she is NOT Flagship

Ex - 1 : Battle of Oslofjord

MAY17E1 Branching MAY17E1 Route

Boss Formation
MAY17E1 Boss
Sample Deck
MAY17E1 Formation1
MAY17E1 Formation2
Reward German 3x203mm Guns
Rare Drops N/A

Ex - 2 : Battle of the Barents Sea

MAY17E2 Branching MAY17E2 Route

Boss Formation
MAY17E2 Boss
Sample Deck
MAY17E2 Formation
Reward CL Nürnberg
Rare Drops Edinburgh, Tirpitz, Belfast

Ex - 3 : Battle of the North Cape

MAY17E3 Branching MAY17E3 Route

Boss Formation
MAY17E3 Boss
Sample Deck
MAY17E3 Formation
Reward Torp Bomber Firebrand
Rare Drops Royal Oak, Scharnhorst, Bismarck

Ex - 4 : Base Defensive Battle

MAY17E4 Branching MAY17E4 Route

Boss Formation
MAY17E4 Boss
Sample Deck
MAY17E4 Formation1
MAY17E4 Formation2
Reward BB Hindenburg
Rare Drops Minsk, Warspite, U47
Tirpitz, Bismarck, Belfast, U96, Z46

Ex - 5 : Forward Post Ambush Battle

MAY17E5 Branching MAY17E5 Route

Boss Formation
MAY17E5 Boss
Sample Deck
MAY17E5 Formation1
MAY17E5 Formation2
Reward Improved High Pressure Boiler
Rare Drops Glorious, Vanguard, Belfast, Z46

Ex - 6 : Enemy Fleet Ambush Battle

MAY17E6 Branching MAY17E6 Route

Boss Formation
MAY17E6 Boss
Sample Deck
MAY17E6 Formation1
MAY17E6 Formation2
MAY17E6 Formation3
Reward Precious Furniture Crate x 3
Rare Drops Courageous, Suffolk, Minsk, Warspite
Scharnhorst, Barfleur, Bismarck, POW, Z46

Ex - 7 : The Final Stand

MAY17E7 Branching MAY17E7 Route

Boss Formation
MAY17E7 Boss
Sample Deck
MAY17E7 Formation1
MAY17E7 Formation2
MAY17E7 Formation3
Reward New Avatar
Rare Drops Courageous, Suffolk, Warspite, Scharnhorst

Minsk, Barfleur, Edinburgh, U47, U81, U156
Bismarck, POW, Z46, U96

Ex - 3.5 (Ex Stage) : Akula Persuit

MAY17Ex Branching

  • N.B.It will be easier if you can SL to node A or D
  • N.B.2 Some said that SL to D is better than SL to A (!stuckfunny)
Boss Formation
MAY17Ex Boss
Sample Deck
MAY17Ex Formation1
MAY17Ex Formation2
Reward Precious Furniture Crate x 2
Rare Drops Royal Oak, Warspite, Minsk
Tirpitz, POW, Vanguard, U96

Event Exclusive Drop

  • Minsk (Ex, E4, E6, E7 All except first node)
  • U96 (Ex L ; E4 H, O ; E7 U)
  • Z46 (E4 O ; E5 P ; E6, E7 All except first node)
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