This page will be a general description/guide for Southern Sea Base Defense event maps. Southern Sea Base Defence

Southern Sea Base Defense is, as the title suggests, a defense orientated event where multiple fleets are scrambled to fight encroaching waves of enemy fleets with limited capital ships and opportunity to resupply.

As a defensive event the following rules are in effect

  • There is no random routing, the enemy are coming to you, simply hold the line.
  • The are no random drops, the only rewards are from clearing the stage.
  • ALL ships must be sunk to clear a wave, but not entirely in the same battle.
  • Sunk abyssals and hitpoints carry over between battles unless you retreat from the map. Failure to wipe out an enemy fleet is not a total loss as you can reengage them with the same or different fleet, necessary for some bosses.
  • You can not repair until you clear the map or retreat.
  • You can not resupply normally until you clear the map or retreat. You have a limited number of resupplies available that can be used to fully resupply 1 (one) fleet.

For strategy Guide, please check this page Thread:10078


Defense deployment

Before starting any map you'll first need to build your fleets separate from your original four. Each map will require two to three fleets with a limitation on the total number of certain ship types shared between them all. The buttons provided on screen are for quick resupplying and repairing.

An additional support fleet can be recruited from your friends list at the very bottom, pulled from the fleet set up in each player's Admiral Room and are subject to the following rules.

  • Friend fleets do not count towards ship limitations, use this to your advantage.
  • Friend fleets can not be resupplied, as such they'll be effective for up to 4 day battles until supply severely hampers their damage potential.
  • Friend fleets can not be deployed if any of their units are heavily damaged.
  • Each friend fleet can be recruited for one map per day.

Friend fleets are free to use for both yourself and owner so use them and abuse them.

Detecting and Engaging

With each wave there'll be a detection phase with the sum value of your fleets recon directly challenging the sum value of the enemy. Having a greater value will result in a success revealing the formation and make up of each enemy fleet.

Successful detection

Check each enemy fleet and decide which one you want to engage with the first blue button, the second will take you back to the detection screen. Once you've decided who to attack you'll be able to select which one of your fleets to deploy. The same fleet can be deployed multiple times in the same wave but will expend the usual 20% fuel and 20% ammo for every day battle and 10% ammo for night battles if you commit.

Damage to enemy fleets will roll over to each and every following battle, as long as your girls have ammunition victory will be a possibility.



After successfully clearing a wave you'll be brought to the intermission screen. Here you'll be able to check each fleet's supply status and available resupply. To resupply a fleet tap their supply levels to select them and at the bottom of the screen a new blue button should appear to rearm and refuel. This will expend 1 (one) charge of your available resupplies. The key to victory is knowing who and when to resupply.

Ex-1 Defend ChangI Fortress

Reward: Kyushu J7W (Shinden) (+12 AA, +3 EVA)
Screenshot 2016-09-14-16-29-00-016 com.huanmeng.z
Suggested ship levels: 20
Enemy: 6 fleets in 3 waves
Available fleets: 2
Ship Limitations: 2CV/AVs (armored carriers) max.
Resupplies available: 1
Suggested fleet: Any fleet will do due to the weak enemies, even 12 strong DDs. Make sure at least three ships in one fleet have ASW gear for enemy submarines. No need for a friend fleet.

Enemy Fleet Strength
  • Wave 1

E1 Wave1 Formation
E1 Wave1 Enemy DD Fleet E1 Wave1 Enemy high speed fleet

  • Wave 2

E1 Wave2 Formation
E1 Wave2 Enemy SS Fleet E1 Wave2 Enemy BB Fleet
E1 Wave2 Enemy Assault Fleet

  • Wave 3/Final Wave

E1 Wave3 Formation E1 Final Fleet Formation
E1 Wave3 Abyss Southern Sea Attack Fleet

Ex-2 Defend Wake Island

Reward: CVL Ryuujou
Screenshot 2016-09-14-19-18-44-823 com.huanmeng.z
Suggested ship levels: 40
Enemy: 12 fleets in 4 waves
Available fleets: 2
Ship Limitations: 4BB/BC and 3CV/AVs (armored carriers) max.
Resupplies available: 2
Suggested fleet: One fleet consisting of BB/BCs and CVs, bring some fighters on your carriers. Second fleet should have at least 4 ships with ASW equipment - 4DD/CL and 2CVL will work. Friend fleet isn't essential.

Enemy Fleet Strength
  • Wave 1

E2 Wave1 Formation
E2 Wave1 Enemy CL Fleet E2 Wave1 Enemy BB Fleet
E2 Wave1 Abyss Landing Fleet

  • Wave 2

E2 Wave2 Formation
E2 Wave2 Enemy support fleet E2 Wave2 Enemy Assault Fleet
E2 Wave2 Enemy Main Fleet E2 Wave2 Abyss Bombardment Fleet

  • Wave 3

E2 Wave3 Formation
E2 Wave3 Enemy DD Fleet E2 Wave3 Enemy SS Fleet
E2 Wave3 Enemy Assault Fleet E2 Wave3 Abyss support fleet

  • Wave 4/Final Wave

E2 Wave4 Formation E2 Final Fleet Formation
E2 Wave 4 Abyss Aviation Tactical Fleet

Ex-3 Battle of Coral Sea

Reward: A-2 Savage (+21 bombing, +5 ASW)
Screenshot 2016-09-14-18-13-51-178 com.huanmeng.z
Suggested ship levels: 60
Enemy: 16 fleets in 5 waves
Available fleets: 3
Ship Limitations: 5BB/BCs and 4CV/AVs (armored carriers) max.
Resupplies available: 3
Suggested fleet: 1BB, 5DD with ASW equipment - 3BB/BC, 1CL, 2CV - 1BB/BC, 2CA, 1DD, 2CV - Friend fleet with 6BB/BC

Enemy Fleet Strength
  • Wave 1

E3 Wave1 Formation
E3 Wave1 Enemy CL Fleet E3 Wave1 Enemy SS Fleet
E3 Wave1 Abyss CL Fleet

  • Wave 2

E3 Wave2 Formation
E3 Wave2 Enemy Assault Fleet E3 Wave2 Enemy Mixed Fleet
E3 Wave2 Enemy BB Fleet E3 Wave2 Abyss Tactical Fleet

  • Wave 3

E3 Wave3 Formation
E3 Wave3 Enemy Guard Fleet E3 Wave3 Enemy Mixed Fleet
E3 Wave3 Enemy Convoy Fleet E3 Wave3 Abyss Aviation Fleet

  • Wave 4

E3 Wave4 Formation
E3 Wave4 Enemy Main Fleet E3 Wave4 Enemy Assault Fleet
E3 Wave4 Enemy CV Fleet E3 Wave4 Abyss Base Aviation Fleet

  • Wave 5/Final Wave

E3 Wave5 Formation E3 Final Fleet Formation
E3 Wave5 Abyss Main Carrier Fleet

Ex-4 Defend the beachhead

Reward: CA Baltimore
Screenshot 2016-09-14-19-19-16-146 com.huanmeng.z
Suggested ship levels: 80
Enemy: 17 fleets in 5 waves
Available fleets: 3
Ship Limitations: 6BB/BC and 4CV/AVs (armored carriers) max.
Resupplies available: 4
Suggested fleet: 1BB/5DD with ASW equipment - 3BB/BC, 1CL, 2CV - 2BB/BC, 1DD, 2CV - Friend fleet with 6BB/BC

Enemy Fleet Strength
  • Wave 1

E4 Wave1 Formation
E4 Wave1 Enemy SS Fleet E4 Wave1 Enemy CL Fleet
E4 Wave1 Enemy Guard Fleet E4 Wave1 Abyss Main Vanguard

  • Wave 2

E4 Wave2 Formation
E4 Wave2 Enemy DD Fleet E4 Wave2 Enemy Guard Fleet
E4 Wave2 Enemy CL Fleet E4 Wave2 Abyss Main Fleet

  • Wave 3

E4 Wave3 Formation
E4 Wave3 Enemy Assault Fleet E4 Wave3 Enemy Guard Fleet
E4 Wave3 Enemy CV Fleet E4 Wave3 Abyss Main BB Fleet

  • Wave 4

E4 Wave4 Formation
E4 Wave4 Enemy Mixed Fleet E4 Wave4 Enemy Main Fleet (BB Flagship)
E4 Wave4 Enemy Main Fleet (SS Flagship) E4 Wave4 Abyss AV Fleet

  • Wave 5/Final Wave

E4 Wave5 Formation E4 Final Fleet Formation
E4 Wave5 Abyss First Strike Fleet

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