Common Saying

See this page: Common Saying for Warship Girls related common terms that are used often (if you just saw a term/joke about the game and have no idea what it means, this is probably the place to go).

Ship Types

Basic types

All classification names of warships are based on Hull Classification Symbol.

Ship types
Symbol Short name Chinese name English name
CV 航母 航空母舰 Aircraft Carrier
CVL 轻母 轻型航母 Light Aircraft Carrier
AV 装母 装甲航母 Armoured Carrier
BB 战列 战列舰 Battleship
BBV 航战 航空战列舰 Aviation Battleship
BC 战巡 战列巡洋舰 Battlecruiser
CA 重巡 重巡洋舰 Heavy Cruiser
CAV/CLV 航巡 航空巡洋舰 Aircraft Cruiser
CLT 雷巡 雷装巡洋舰 Torpedo Cruiser
CL 轻巡 轻巡洋舰 Light Cruiser
BM 重炮 浅水重炮舰 Monitor
DD 驱逐 驱逐舰 Destroyer
SSV* 潜母 潜水母舰 Submarine Aircraft Carrier
SS 潜艇 潜水艇 Submarine
SC 炮潜 重炮潜艇 Submarine Cruiser
AP 补给 补给舰 Replenishment Oiler

*: not available in current build.

Abyss fleet

Some ship types that are available only in abyss fleet:

Chinese name English name
旗舰 Flagship
要塞 Fortress
机场 Airport
港口 Port


See Servers for more information.

ML for mainland servers.

TC for traditional Chinese servers.

Main Interface

*Picture is outdated.
  • Resources bar at the top:
Icon Icon-fuel Icon-ammu Icon-steel Icon-bauxite Shop-Diamond-1
Chinese 燃料 弹药 钢材 铝材 钻石
English Fuel Ammo Steel Bauxite Diamond
  • Four buttons at the middle:
Icon MainIcon MainIcon4 MainIcon2 MainIcon3
Chinese 出征 船坞 建造 改造
English Sorties Dock Construction Modification
  • Five buttons at the bottom:
Chinese 商城 活动 任务 图鉴 邮件
English Shop Events Quests Illustrations Mails
  • Other two buttons when you press more:
Chinese 战绩 设置
English Rankings Settings
  • The position of Illustrations and Rankings button has been switched in the latest versions.

Admiral profile

Adm profile-0


Chinese English Chinese English
Colonel 提督 Admiral General 准将 Brigadier
少校 Major 少将 Major General
中校 Lieutenant Colonel 中将 Lieutenant General
上校 Colonel 上将 General
大校 Senior Colonel* 元帅 Marshal

*In the real world, Senior Colonel is Brigadier. However, in the game setting, Brigadier is above Senior Colonel.

The rank is related to your WPs admiral level and other factors. How rank works exactly is unknown.

Ships/Equipment owned

The default maximum capacity of ships is 120, while equipment is 500. You can upgrade the capacity through top up.

Battles Won percentage

WP = Battles won / Total battles x 100%

Drills Won percentage

WP = Drills won / Total drills x 100%


*Picture is outdated.
  • From top to bottom, the three buttons are:
Chinese English
登陆领奖 Login Reward
升级奖励 Level up Reward
首充奖励 First top up Reward

First top up Reward

For topping up any amount of Diamonds, you are rewarded with 1++ of fuel, ammo, steel, 0.5++ of bauxite, 3 each of Equipment and Warship blueprints and Ranger. Purchasing Monthly Welfare is also eligible for top up reward.

Level up Reward

When you reach specific admiral levels, you will receive additional rewards:

Level Resources Items Ships
10 0.5++ Warship Blueprint x3

Equipment Blueprints x3

20 Instant Building x5

Instant Repair x5

30 2++ Warship Blueprint x7

Equipment Blueprints x7

40 4++ Saratoga
50 Instant Building x10

Instant Repair x10

Prince of Wales

1++ = 1000 of every kind of resources

Login Reward

You can get some resources or items when you login. Login reward refreshes at 12:00 am(GMT+8) every day. On the seventh day, you can open an extra reward box. This box is called The Seventh Day Box. There will be extra items and resources in the box, sometimes even a rare ship.


See Quests for more information.

Quests page
Chinese English
全部 All
主线 Main
每日 Daily
周常 Weekly
限时 Time-limited
完成度 Completed