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This page is the guide of Warship Girls, it is also a guide of this community.


Warship Girls(Simplified Chinese: 战舰少女; Traditional Chinese: 戰艦少女) is a mobile-based Collectible Card Game based on the warships of countries in WWII. The players, who play a role of an admiral, can collect the personified warships which are called "Warship Girls" and build up their own navy fleets to fight against their enemy -- Abyss Fleets.

Players can obtain new ships through construction, battles, quests and activities. They have an initial ship and some resources when creating a new account. Winning a combat with Rank B or higher has a chance to get a new ship. Some quests also award new ships.

Four kinds of resources: FuelAmmoSteel and Bauxite, are produced automatically. They are essential to the fleets. Fuel and ammunition are consumed in combat. The ships with aircraft consume bauxite as well. Steel is used for repairing ships. Repairing time can be varied by different ships. In general, the larger the ship is, the longer time it requires for repairing.

Players and their ships get experience from battles and expeditions and level up. Enhancement and remodeling can strengthen your ships. If the degree of intimacy of a Warship Girl reaches 100, the player can engage to her.

Getting Started

First things first, you need an account to play this game. Fortunately you don't need VPN or something like that to access servers. You also don't need to do a lottery for registration.

Create your character

For create a new character, you can choose one initial ship from these four destroyers:

Initial ships
Initial ship glowworm
Initial ship z16
Initial ship gearing-1
Initial ship fubuki

Please take care of them! Although they may not be powerful, initial ships are rare and hard to get during the game. Do not disassemble them by mistake!

What is your name, admiral?

Adm name-0

Admiral name can only include 6 characters.

  • Make a good name for yourself.
  • Press "Start/开始游戏"
  • Welcome to Warship Girls.

Confirm your Account

After selecting your first ship girl, you would like to verify your account for safety purposes.
  • Go to Settings menu
  • Click "bind account to email"
  • It will open a new window with only one field to input your e-mail and the confirm button
  • Please use a valid e-mail address (you will need it in case you forget your password)
  • After typing in your email, click that big blue button below the text field.
  • Check your inbox, the verification email should arrive in 1~2 minutes.
  • If the email is taking too long to arrive, please check your spam box.
  • Click the link on the verification e-mail and you're done!

Story Setting

According to MF, there is not really a story setting for the game (They can't make it up), however, you can find some hints from dialogues of characters.

As we know, Patch is not that official since the conflicts began. And... they came up with a story setting.

You better skip this
The events unfold in 1945 when a nuclear bomb test suddenly caused a resonating distortion of space-time continuum that instantly moved the whole solar system to a remote galaxy and into the distant future , the 48th century.

Desperately suffering from lack of essential resources the Precursors – the dominant race in the world of the future – without hesitation decide to conquer all the surprisingly appeared planets and start their advance with invasion to the third planet from the Sun. Meanwhile the fire of the World War 2 is still hot on the Earth; military sciences as well as combat readiness are at their peak, and the League of Nations unites powers to fight the new global enemy.

Avoiding risk of destroying the whole planet with main caliber, the Precursors start their invasion with smaller units. They send their cruisers to the largest metropolises of Europe, America and Asia knowing quite few about how their engines will work in terrestrial conditions and what a rousing welcome they will meet…

Common Saying

Are you wondering what the hell do we mean? Before you actually have fun with your ladies. It is a good idea to learn some common saying.


There are a bunch of servers that you can access to, however some servers can be only access by specific clients.

Please note: Normally, Characters can't be transferred from one server to another. Please make sure what client you will use(Android/iOS)

Main Interface

Main interface

  • Admiral profile at top-left. Click to open Admiral room.
  • Resources bar at the top. Click resources could see Max Capacity. It will always be ("your level"+1)*500.
  • Click "Next page" for more features.
  • "Show/Hide" button give you a better view~
  • For some ships as the flagship, once clicked there will be dialogs.
Icon Icon-fuel Icon-ammu Icon-steel Icon-bauxite Shop-Diamond-1
Chinese 燃料 弹药 钢材 铝材 钻石
English Fuel/F Ammo/A Steel/S Bauxite/B Diamond
Output 60/hour 60/hour 60/hour 20/hour Topup only

Four kinds of resources: FuelAmmoSteel and Bauxite, are produced automatically. They are essential to the fleets. Fuel and ammunition are consumed in combat. The ships with aircraft consume bauxite as well. Steel is used for repairing ships. 

  • Four buttons at the middle:
Icon MainIcon MainIcon4 MainIcon2 MainIcon3
Chinese 出征 船坞 建造 改造
English Sorties Dock Construction Modification
  • Five buttons at the bottom:
Chinese 商城 活动 任务 好友 邮件
English Shop Events Quests Friends Mails
  • Other three buttons when you press "next page":
Chinese 战绩 图鉴 设置
English Rankings Illustrations Settings

How to input Gift Code.

1.) Switch Menu > Setting 设定

2016-04-03 13-48-50

2.) Setting > Redeem Gift Code 礼品码兑换

2016-04-03 13-56-13

3.) Input Gift Code 请输入礼品兑换码 , Confirm 确定

2016-04-03 14-09-13

Profile Interface

Profile-interface 01
Profile-interface 02
Profile-interface 03
Profile-interface 04


Basic types of ships

All classification names of warships are based on Hull Classification Symbol.

Ship types
Symbol Short name Chinese name English name
CV 航母 航空母舰 Aircraft Carrier
CVL 轻母 轻型航母 Light Aircraft Carrier
AV* 水母 水上机母舰 Seaplane Tender
BB 战列 战列舰 Battleship
BBV 航战 航空战列舰 Aviation Battleship
BC 战巡 战列巡洋舰 Battlecruiser
CA 重巡 重巡洋舰 Heavy Cruiser
CAV/CLV* 航巡 航空巡洋舰 Aircraft Cruiser
CLT* 雷巡 重雷装巡洋舰 Torpedo Cruiser
CL 轻巡 轻巡洋舰 Light Cruiser
BM 重炮 浅水重炮舰 Monitor
DD 驱逐 驱逐舰 Destroyer
SSV* 潜母 潜水母舰 Submarine Aircraft Carrier
SS 潜艇 潜水艇 Submarine
SC 炮潜 重炮潜艇 Submarine Cruiser
AOR 补给 补给舰 Replenishment Oiler

*: not available in current build.

Types of Abyss fleet

Some ship types that are available only in abyss fleet:

Chinese name English name Behavior
旗舰 Flagship Like a BB (since ver 1.3.1)
要塞 Fortress Like a BBV
机场 Airport Like a BBV
港口 Port Like a BBV


As an admiral, your duty is have fun with your ladies defeat Abyss Fleet. There is a admiral profile for character to have a look showing off to our friends. Also there are rankings in the game for who demonstrate the skills of hacking the game defeating Abyss Fleet.

Also there are some setting options in the game, such as FPS.


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