This page contains information about items in the game.


Blueprints are needed for construction and development

Icon-Warship Blueprint Icon-Equipment Blueprint

Warship Blueprint

Ways to obtain:

Equipment Blueprint

Ways to obtain:

Instant Building/Repair

Instant Building and repair can finish the building and repair instantly.

Icon-Instant Building Icon-Instant Repair

Instant Building

Ways to obtain:

Instant Repair

Ways to obtain:

Damage Control Unit

Damage Control Unit prevents ship from retreat from enemy's damage (which means DC is not available in PVP) and repair the HP to full, and the ship can't get any more damage in this battle. (Item is consumed once used)

See Affection for more information

Icon-Damage Control Unit

Way to obtain:

Engagement Ring

You can use rings to engage your girl as long as the affection bar is full.

Icon-Engagement Ring

Way to obtain:


Some ships can be modified with resources and cores.

See guide and campaigns for more information.

Selling Cores
Core Resources
Destroyer Core 200Icon-fuel
Cruiser Core 300Icon-ammu
Battleship Core 400Icon-steel
Aircraft Carrier Core 200Icon-bauxite
Submarine Core 150Icon-fuel and 150 Icon-ammu
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