In Warship Girls, warships are divided into 18 nationalities.

E-Country: Royal Navy

The Pride of the Brits, the Royal Navy has the most powerful battleships and battlecruisers in game, together with its exclusive monitors: Roberts and Abercrombie. One of the four initial ships, Glowworm, is also British ship, famous for her skill. Heavy cruiser Kent is also very rare for players to collect.

For carriers, the Royal Navy so far only has the HMS Ark Royal. However, they do have an array of Light Carriers to chose from starting from Argus and Chaser to Colossus and Unicorn

So far, the Royal navy is also one of the two nations in game to have the unique Submarine monitor, the M1.

As enhancement material, British battlecruisers and battleships are able to improve armour greatly. Destroyers can improve firepower slightly.

In summary, British ships have high firepower, especially battlecruisers and battleships.

Royal Navy
Aircraft Carriers No Class Ark Royal
Light Aircraft Carriers Argus Class Argus
No Class Unicorn
Attacker Class Chaser
Colossus Class Colossus
Battleships Queen Elizabeth Class Queen ElizabethWarspite
R Class Royal Oak
Nelson Class NelsonRodney
King George V Class Duke of YorkPrince of Wales
Lion Class Lion
Vanguard Class Vanguard
Battlecruisers Courageous Class CourageousGlorious
Renown Class RenownRepulse
Admiral Class Hood
Heavy Cruisers Kent Class KentSuffolk
London Class London
York Class YorkExeter
Light Cruisers Emerald Class EmeraldEnterprise
Arethusa Class ArethusaGalateaPenelopeAurora
Dido Class Sirius
Edinburgh Class EdinburghBelfast
Monitors Roberts Class RobertsAbercrombie
Destroyers A Class ArdentAcasta
G Class Glowworm
Tribal Class CossackEskimoPunjabi
J Class JavelinJunoJackal
L Class Legion
S Class Saumarez
V Class Venus
Battle Class Barfleur
Black Swan Class Amethyst
Submarine Monitors M Class M1

G-Country: Kriegsmarine

Two German battleships (Bismarck, Tirpitz) are two of the eight high speed battleships (speed greater than 27). Destroyer Z1, Z16 and Z31's skill can give all Z-class destroyers buffs to improve their performance. Prinz Eugen is the only heavy cruiser that has a rarity level of 5. After modification, she will become one of the eight Rarity 6 ships in game.

As in real life, the Kriegsmarine currently holds the most submarines in game having three out of the five submarines: U505, U47 and U81. They also have the powerful Submarine launched magnetic torpedoes equipped by default on all their submarines

As for carriers, the Kriegsmarine only has 1 available ship as of now, the Graf Zeppelin.

As enhancement material, German ships will improve armor greatly.

In summary, German ships have strong armor to defend themselves. However their anti-air value is generally bad.

Aircraft Carriers Graf Zepplin Graf Zeppelin
Battleships Bismarck Class BismarckTirpitz
Battlecruisers Deutschland Class DeutschlandAdmiral ScheerAdmiral Graf Spee
Scharnhorst Class ScharnhorstGneisenau
Heavy Cruisers Admiral Hipper Class Admiral HipperBlücherPrinz Eugen
Light Cruisers Emden Class Emden
Königsberg Class KönigsbergKarlsruheKöln
Leipzig Class Leipzig
M Class M-Class
Destroyers Type 1934 Class Z1
Type 1934-A Class Z16
Type 1936 Class Z17Z18Z21Z22
Type 1936-A Class Z24Z28
Type 1936-AM Class Z31
Submarines Type VIIB Class U47
Type VIIC Class U81U96
Type IXC Class U156U505

U-Country: The United States Navy

As with many designs and ships in real life, Players get to choose a wide variety of ships from the United States Navy. Boasting powerful fast battleships such as the Missouri to the older more contemporary yet notable Super Dreadnoughts like the Colorado, Popular Cruisers such as Quincy and modern destroyers like Gearing, the United States Navy is certain arguably one of the best and most well equipped navies in this game.

Whilst also having a large array of carriers to chose from, the US Navy also has the most powerful carriers in game: Lexington and Saratoga. The B25 of Hornet is as of currently the most powerful bomber in game. And Helena's skill of reconnaissance makes her necessary in fleets. Two of the five submarines (not including Submarine Monitors) in game are US ships: Albacore and Archerfish.

As enhancement material, US ships will improve anti-air value by a lot.

In summary, US ships have high anti-air value, best carriers and powerful cruisers.

United States Navy
Aircraft Carriers Lexington Class LexingtonSaratoga
Ranger Class Ranger (mod I)
Yorktown Class YorktownEnterpriseHornet
Wasp Class Wasp
Essex Class Essex
Light Aircraft Carriers Langley Class Langley
Ranger Class Ranger
Bogue Class Bogue
Independence Class Princeton
Casablanca Class Guadalcanal
Battleships Nevada Class NevadaOklahoma
Tennessee Class TennesseeCalifornia
Colorado Class ColoradoMarylandWest Virginia
North Carolina Class North CarolinaWashington
South Dakota Class South Dakota
Iowa Class Missouri
Battlecruisers Alaska Class AlaskaGuam
Heavy Cruisers Pensacola Class PensacolaSalt Lake City
Northampton Class NorthamptonHouston
Portland Class PortlandIndianapolis
New Orleans Class New OrleansQuincy
Wichita Class Wichita
Baltimore Class Baltimore
Light Cruisers Omaha Class Omaha
Brooklyn Class BrooklynSt. LouisHelena
Cleveland Class Cleveland
Atlanta Class AtlantaJuneauSan JuanSan DiegoOakland
Destroyers Porter Class Porter
Mahan Class MahanCushing
Benson Class Laffey (DD-459)
Fletcher Class FletcherCassin YoungAnthonyBraineThatcherSullivansSigsbeeO'BannonWilliam D. PorterConverseDysonClaxtonHoelJohnston
Allen M. Sumner Class Laffey
Gearing Class GearingGyattFrank KnoxPower
John C. Butler Class Samuel B. Roberts
Submarines Gato Class Albacore
Balao Class ArcherfishTang
Transport No Class Vestal

J-Country: 大日本帝国海軍 (Imperial Japanese Navy)

Japan and US are two nations that have powerful aircraft carriers. Akagi, Kaga, Shokaku, Zuikaku, Taiho are as powerful as US carriers. Battleships' attributes are common but their illustrations are good (e.g. Fuso). Akatsuki's skill will improve the performance of the fleet in night combat. The oxygen torpedo in game is also the most powerful torpedo.

As enhancement material, Japanese ships will give you much torpedo enhancement value.

In summary, powerful torpedo is the label of Japanese ships, especially cruisers and destroyers.

Imperial Japanese Navy
Aircraft Carriers Akagi Class Akagi
Kaga Class Kaga
Soryu Class Soryu
Hiryū Class Hiryu
Shokaku Class ShokakuZuikaku
Armored Carrier Taiho Class Taiho
Shinano Class Shinano
Light Aircraft Carriers Houshou Class Houshou
Ryuujou Class Ryuujou
Shoho Class ShohoZuiho
Hiyō Class HiyoJun'yo
Aviation Battleships Ise Class Ise (mod I)Hyuga (mod I)
Battleships Nagato Class NagatoMutsu
Fuso Class FusoYamashiro
Ise Class IseHyuga
Battlecruisers Kongō Class KongoHieiKirishimaHaruna
Heavy Cruisers Furutaka Class FurutakaKako
Aoba Class AobaKinugasa
Takao Class TakaoAtagoMayaChokai
Mogami Class MogamiMikumaKumanoSuzuya
Light Cruisers Tenryu Class TenryuTatsuta
Kuma Class KitakamiOi
Nagara Class Isuzu
Sendai Class SendaiJintsu
Yubari Class Yubari
Katori Class Katori
Ooyodo Class Ooyodo
Destroyers Minekaze Class Minekaze
Mutsuki Class Mutsuki
Fubuki Class FubukiShirayukiHatsuyukiMiyuki
Ayanami Class AyanamiShikinami
Akatsuki Class AkatsukiHibikiIkazuchiInazuma
Akizuki Class AkizukiSuzutsuki
Shiratsuyu Class ShiratsuyuYudachiShigureMurasame
Kagero Class KageroShiranuiKuroshioYukikazeArashi
Shimakaze Class Shimakaze

C-Country: 中華民國海軍 (Republic of China Navy)

Chinese ships are mostly low speed ships (except Chongqing, which is originally an British ship). There are only light cruisers in ROC.

Ninghai, Pinghai can be modified. Their skills will provide you extra EXP and other useful buffs in combat. Illustration of Yat Sen makes her most popular among ships.

Since Chinese ships are very rare, they are usually not used as enhancement materials.

Republic of China Navy
Light Cruisers Arethusa Class Chongqing
Ninghai Class NinghaiPinghai
Ying Swei Class Ying SweiChao Ho
No Class Yat Sen
Guided Missile Destroyer Anshan Class Changchun

F-Country: Marine nationale française

Richelieu, the symbol of French Navy, has a rarity of level 5, which is also high speed battleship. Another French ship Fantasque is also very rare. Vauquelin, although her rarity is 1, has good attributes and low consumption among destroyers. France also has one of the two unique submarine Monitors in game, the Surcouf

Marine Nationale Française
Battleships Richelieu Class Richelieu
Light Cruiser Jeanne d'Arc Class Jeanne d'Arc
Destroyers Le-Fantasque Class Fantasque
Vauquelin Class Vauquelin
Submarine Monitors No Class Surcouf

I-Country: Regia Marina

Andrea Doria has become the symbol of Italian Navy in game. She is also in the splash screen in previous version. Another high speed battleship is Vittorio Veneto, which is a reward of Pasta OP event. After 1.3.3 and 2.0.0, four destroyers were added into the game.

Regia Marina
Battleships Andrea Doria Class Andrea DoriaCaio Duilio
Littorio Class Vittorio Veneto
Destroyers Navigatori Class Antonio da NoliUgolino Vivaldi
Soldati Class Camicia NeraAviere

H-Country: Koninklijke Marine

There are only one light cruisers of Dutch Navy in game in current build.

Royal Netherlands Navy Koninklijke Marine
Light Cruisers No Class De Ruyter

S-Country: Военно-морской флот СССР (Soviet Navy)

Following the 1930s plan to rebuild the Soviet Navy, Events which happened on the years leading up to the Great Patriotic War has caused devestating setbacks to the Soviet Navy. However, despite this, the Soviet Navy did numerous sorties using fast attack boats and submarines against the Kriegsmarine. The Nothern fleet also played a huge role in the escort (Together with the Royal Navy) of the Murmansk/Arctic convoys. Reshitelny and Verniy are the first two ships of Soviet Navy in Warship Girls. Verniy was originally the Japanese destroyer Hibiki. After 2.0.0, Kirov and Tashkent were added into the game.

Soviet Navy Военно-морской флот СССР
Battleship Sovetsky Soyuz Class Sovetsky Soyuz
Light Cruisers Omaha Class Murmansk
Kirov Class Kirov
Monitor Novgorod Class Novgorod
Destroyers Orfey Class Engels
Akatsuki Class Verniy
Tashkent Class Tashkent
Gnevny Class Reshitelny

T-Country: Türk Deniz Kuvvetleri

Goeben is the only Turkish ship in game. She is the reward of Beta Test and cannot be acquired otherwise.

Türk Deniz Kuvvetleri
Battlecruisers Moltke Class Goeben

CHILE: Armada de Chile

The only one Chilean ship is the modified Brooklyn -- O'Higgins.

Light Cruiser Brooklyn Class Brooklyn

M-Country: Монгол улсын цэргийн

As a landlocked country, Mongolia has only three ships and one of them is Sükhbaatar in game.

Mongolian Navy Монгол улсын цэргийн
Transport No Class Sükhbaatar

ICE-Country: Icelandic Coast Guard

Hero of the great Cod Wars against E-Country, Odinn joins the fray!

Icelandic Coast Guard
Transport No Class Odinn

CAN-Country: Royal Canadian Navy

Rapidly growing at the start of the new great war the Royal Canadian Navy played a highly important role in the security of the Northwest Atlantic. Haida is an E-Country Tribal class destroyer that sank the most surface tonnage among the RCN.

Royal Canadian Navy
Destroyer Tribal Class Haida

AUS-Country: Royal Australian Navy

Playing it's part first as a member of ABDA operations the Royal Australian Navy fought in actions all across the Pacific, Indian Ocean and even in the Mediterranean seas. Vampire is an old 1916 V-Class destroyer built by E-Country.

Royal Australian Navy
Destroyer V Class (1916) Vampire

SWE-Country: Svenska Marinen

The small yet capable navy of Sweden, the Svenska Marinen, proved to be a large enough deterrent to would be invaders protecting the neutrality of this Scandinavian nation. Coastal battleships like Gustav V and the seaplane cruiser Gotland formed the core of a well balanced fleet-in-being well suited for the fjords of the Baltic Sea.

Svenska Marinen
Monitor Sverige Class Gustav V
Aviation Cruisers Gotland Class Gotland

THA-Country: Royal Thai Navy

Currently represented by the coastal defense ship Thonburi.

Royal Thai Navy กองทัพเรือไทย, ราชนาวีไทย
Monitor Thonburi Class Thonburi

Abyss fleet

For more information please go to Abyss fleet.

Abyss Fleet
Land Bases Specific Pachina
Aircraft Carriers Classic Enemy Aircraft Carrier
Specific ShōkakuZuikakuAkagi & Kaga
Light Aircraft Carriers Classic Enemy Light Aircraft Carrier
Battleships Classic Enemy Battleship
Specific Yamato
Aviation Battleships Classic Enemy Aviation Battleship
Specific Sükhbaatar
Battlecruisers Classic Enemy Battlecruiser
Heavy Cruisers Classic Enemy Heavy Cruiser
Torpedo Cruisers Classic Enemy Torpedo Cruiser
Light Cruisers Classic Enemy Light Cruiser
Destroyers Classic Enemy Destroyer
Submarines Classic Enemy Submarine
Replenishment Oilers Classic Enemy Replenishment Oiler
Specific Sükhbaatar
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