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Future Content

Future units and systems confirmed either officially through convention material, micro blogging or pure speculation based on future patch content.

New Ships

Image Ship Type Notes
Shigure Satellite Shigure J-Country Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer CP18 Convention
Murasame Satellite Murasame J-Country Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer CP18 Convention
U-156 Satellite U-156 G-Country Type IXC Submarine 2016 CICF Expo


Image Ship Type Notes
Admiral Graf Spee Satellite Admiral Graf Spee Mod I G-Country Deustchland Class Battlecruiser Shanghai Subway Advert


Image Ship Type Notes
U96 Satellite U96 G-Country Type VIIC Class Submarine 2nd Anniversary artwork [[1]] by Rail included the emblem for U96.
New Sub Satellite Unknown Unknown 2nd Anniversary artwork [[2]] by Mvv included a new sub like character in the background, possibly M2?
Bailan Satellite Unknown Unknown 2nd Anniversary artwork [[3]] by 無糖白蓮.
Rome Satellite Rome I-Country Vittorio Veneto Class Battleship 2nd Anniversary artwork [[4]] by Saru.
Glorious Satellite Unknown Unknown Weibo teaser of 真名 work included what might be another Glorious class Battle Cruiser.
Belfast Satellite Belfast Mod I E-Country Edinburgh Class Light Cruiser Possible Belfast remodel image.
Soviet Satellite Unknown S-Country Chapayev/Sverdlov Cruiser Pure speculation based on images and stats of future Soviet equipment.


*Birthday=Date of launched
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