This article is about premium items and payment method of Warship girls


Diamonds/钻石 is the premium currency in Warship Girls.

Set Price1 Description2
Icon-DiamondsDiamonds6 RMB/ 1.29 USD 60Diamond(0.1 RMB/1 Diamond)
Icon-Small Pile of DiamondsSmall Pile of Diamonds30 RMB/ 5.29 USD 360Diamond(0.083 RMB/1 Diamond)
Icon-Big Pile of Diamonds Big Pile of Diamonds 98 RMB/ 16.29 USD 1280Diamond(0.076 RMB/1 Diamond)
Icon-Small Sack of Diamonds Small Sack of Diamonds 198 RMB/ 31.19 USD 2580Diamond(0.076 RMB/1 Diamond)
Icon-Large Sack of Diamonds Large Sack of Diamonds 328 RMB/ 51.29 USD 4680Diamond(0.07 RMB/1 Diamond)
Icon-Large Box of Diamonds Large Box of Diamonds 648 RMB/ 100.29 USD 10000Diamond(0.064 RMB/1 Diamond)


  1. USD prices are based on the Paypal purchase prices on MF official site.
  2. RMB/Diamond rates are rounded down.

Double Diamonds Bonus

Double diamonds bonus applies if you buy the set for the first time.

RMB/Diamond rates if Double diamonds bonus applies
Diamonds Price Rate
60x2=120 Diamonds 6 RMB/ 1.29 USD 0.05 RMB/ 1 Diamond
360x2=720 Diamonds 30 RMB/ 5.29 USD 0.041 RMB/ 1 Diamond
1280x2=2560 Diamonds 98 RMB/ 16.29 USD 0.038 RMB/ 1 Diamond
2580x2=5160 Diamonds 198 RMB/ 31.19 USD 0.038 RMB/ 1 Diamond
4680x2=9360 Diamonds 328 RMB/ 51.29 USD 0.035 RMB/ 1 Diamond
10000x2=20000 Diamonds 648 RMB/ 100.29 USD 0.032 RMB/ 1 Diamond

Monthly Welfare

Monthly Welfare gives 0.5k resources and 1 WB each day for a month/30 days. You will receive these in your in-game inbox.

Purchasing multiple monthly welfare only extends the expiry date instead of getting multiple welfare daily.
In total, you will receive the following after 30 days:

  1. 15k resources
  2. 30 Warship Blueprints

If you purchase these directly, it would cost:

15k fuel, ammo and steel

15000 x 0.045 x 3 = 2025 Diamonds

15k bauxite

15000 x 0.136 = 2024 Diamonds

30 Warship Blueprints

400 x (30/10) = 1200 Diamonds


2025+2024+1200 = 5249 Diamonds

If you purchase the Monthly Welfare instead of buying each item directly, you save 4889 diamonds. Thus. Monthly Welfare is the premium item with the best value.


Items Price Qty
Icon-Fuel Fuel Small100Diamond 2000Icon-fuel (0.05Diamond/1Icon-fuel)
Large450Diamond 10000Icon-fuel (0.045Diamond/1Icon-fuel)
Icon-Ammo Ammo Small 100Diamond 2000Icon-ammu (0.05Diamond/1Icon-ammu)
Large 450Diamond 10000Icon-ammu (0.045Diamond/1Icon-ammu)
Icon-Steel Steel Small100Diamond 2000Icon-steel (0.05Diamond/1Icon-steel)
Large450Diamond 10000Icon-steel (0.045Diamond/1Icon-steel)
Icon-Bauxite Bauxite Small 100Diamond 700Icon-bauxite (0.142Diamond/1Icon-bauxite)
Large 450Diamond 3300Icon-bauxite (0.136Diamond/1Icon-bauxite)
Icon-Warship Blueprint Warship Blueprint 400Diamond 10
Icon-Equipment Blueprint Equipment Blueprint 200Diamond 10
Icon-Instant Building Instant Building 150Diamond 10
Icon-Instant Repair Instant Repair 150Diamond 10
Icon-Damage Control Unit Elite Damage Control Unit 200Diamond 1
Icon-Engagement Ring Engagement Ring 600Diamond 1
Icon-Monthly Welfare Monthly Welfare 360Diamond Gain 0.5k resources and 1 Warship
Blueprint each day for a month (30 days).


Items Price Description
Icon-Repair Dock Expansion Repair Dock Expansion 800Diamond +1 Repair Dock
Icon-Equipment Developing Slot Expansion Equipment Developing Slot Expansion 500Diamond +1 Equipment Developing Slot
Icon-Equipment Depot Expansion Equipment Depot Expansion 100Diamond +40 Equipment Slot
Icon-Warship Building Slot Expansion Warship Building Slot Expansion 500Diamond +1 Warship Building Slot
Icon-Dock Expansion Dock Expansion 200Diamond +10 Dock Slot
Icon-Rename Card Rename Card 250Diamond Change your admiral name
(Once a week)


Payment method

If you have any inquiry, send an email to with your UID and your server.


Alipay is the only payment method you can use in the game. However, you will need a Chinese credit/debit card to top up your Alipay account. Unless you do have a Chinese credit/debit card, Paypal is a better option. (Because Alipay top up Agents use Paypal as their payment method, you are giving your money via Paypal anyway)


MF has a Paypal link on their website, here are the steps to top up via Paypal:

1. Click the link says "Paypal" in the bottom left
2. Enter the following:
a. The diamond set you wish to top up
b. The server you would like to top up
c. Your UID (Can be found in setting)
d. Your admiral name (Can be found at the top-left corner of the game)
*If an error message pops up, that means your details do not match
3. If your details are correct, you should see your admiral name of the screen. Double check as topping up to the wrong player/server cannot be refunded
4. Click confirm and you will be redirected to the Paypal website and able to finalise the payment


If you are an apple user, don't worry about anything above and just use appstore to get the job done.

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