This page is the lists of servers in the game. All servers are listed in the order of from the top to bottom in the game.


Chinese English Opened Date Status
CBT 2015.7.15 Unavailable
胡德 Hood 2015.7.27 Operational
萨拉托加 Saratoga 2015.7.30 Operational
俾斯麦 Bismarck 2015.8.3 Operational
声望 Renown 2015.8.6 Operational
纳尔逊 Nelson 2015.8.9 Operational
空想 Fantasque 2015.8.15 Operational
海伦娜 Helena 2015.8.18 Operational
突击者 Ranger 2015.8.18 Operational
黎塞留 Richelieu 2015.8.19 Operational
贝尔法斯特 Belfast 2015.8.20 Operational
埃塞克斯 Essex 2016.1.15 Operational
昆西 Quincy 2016.6.22 Operational
Platform Servers
阿卡司塔 Acasta 2016.4.29 Operational
内华达 Nevada 2016.5.13 Operational


Chinese English Opened Date Status
列克星敦 Lexington 2015.7.29 Operational
欧根亲王 Prinz Eugen 2015.8.7 Operational
提尔比茨 Tirpitz 2015.8.11 Operational
大青花鱼 Albacore 2015.8.17 Operational
阿拉斯加 Alaska 2015.8.20 Operational
皇家方舟 Ark Royal 2016.1.20 Operational
罗德尼 Rodney 2016.6.22 Operational

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