Attributes Construction/Acquiring
Icon-HP ?? Icon-firepower ?? Unknown
Icon-aircraft ?? Icon-armor ?? Equipment
Icon-torpedo ?? Icon-luck ?? 0 N/A
Icon-evasion ?? Icon-AA ?? 0 N/A
Icon-range ??? Icon-recon ?? 0 N/A
Icon-AS ?? Icon-speed ?? 0 N/A
More attributes
Disassembling ??/??/??/??
Enhancement ??/??/??/??
Consumption ??/??
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This template is to display detailed information of a warship.


|eq1=Equipment 1
|eq2=Equipment 2
|eq3=Equipment 3
|eq4=Equipment 4
|eq1_aircraft=Carriability of Equipment 1
|eq2_aircraft=Carriability of Equipment 2
|eq3_aircraft=Carriability of Equipment 3
|eq4_aircraft=Carriability of Equipment 4
|eq1r=Equipment 1 Rarity
|eq2r=Equipment 2 Rarity
|eq3r=Equipment 3 Rarity
|eq4r=Equipment 4 Rarity
|disassembling=Disassembling Data
|enhancement=Enhancement Data
|consumption=Consumption Data
|name=Name of warship (for illustration, optional)
|rarity=Rarity (for illustration)
|mod=Modified (for illustration)
|normal=Normal illustration (optional)
|damaged=Damaged illustration (optional)


General Values

Format: ## or ##/## (initial/max)

More Attributes

Format: ##/##/##/## For Consumption: ##/##


If the initial equipment is empty, leave the parameter empty like this:


Otherwise, delete this parameter, which will generate an "N/A" indicating that this slot is unusable.

Rarity: 1 (default) to 6

Images are generated automatically as long as the spell of every equipment is correct. Otherwise you will get an IncorrectEquipmentName Category.


Name: by default is BASEPAGENAME.

Available values for rarity: 1 to 6.

Mod = 1: Use "_M1" format. Mod = 0: Not use.

You can always use Normal and Damaged to replace any settings.
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