• Operation Boom Shakalaka

    Event start: Dec 16th 15:00 China Standard Time 

    Ex - 1 Palawan Passage ambush battle - Reward HE-119

    Ex - 2 Battle of the Sibuyan Sea - Reward USS Tang

    Ex - 3 The Battle of Cape Engano - Reward F7F Tigercat

    Ex - 4 The Battle of Surigao Strait - Reward F2H Banshee

    Ex - 5 The Battle off Samar - Reward IJN Shinano

    Completing above maps will unlock Ex 3 - 5 hard mode, at the same time bonus level Ex - 6 will also be made available. Reward for Ex - 6 is a special avatar. 

    Ex - 7 The Battle of Cape Engaño (Hard Mode) - Reward Tiny Tim Rocket

    Ex - 8 The Battle of Surigao Strait (Hard Mode) - Reward Pantsu x 10

    Ex - 9 The Battle off Samar (Hard Mode) - Reward Special Avatar

    No new ships are offered in hardmode players are encouraged to try your best.

    2 Additional player achievements are available for completing normal and hardmode maps

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