• Maintenance Start: 23rd DEC 3:00PM

    Mission 1: 25th DEC to 31st DEC

    1 Victory in campaign: Battle of the Coral Sea

    Reward: Thatcher Xmas costume


    Mission 2: 25th DEC to 31st DEC

    1 Huge success in expedition

    Reward: All resources x 1225


    Mission 3: 25th DEC to 31st DEC

    1 Victory in drill

    Reward: Damage Control x 1  Buckets x 5

    New Costume availble for Purchase

    DD Vauquelin - Christmans Postman

    Limited time bundles

    Bundle 1: 25th DEC to 3rd JAN

    Content: Wedding Ring x 3 Baux x 1000

    Price: 1000 Diamonds

    Purchase Limit: 3 (The bundle will be reset in the shop on the 28th DEC and 1st JAN)


    Bundle 2: 25th DEC to 3rd JAN

    Content: All Resource x 2000

    Price: 450 Diamonds

    Purchase Limit: Once per day


    Bundle 3: 25th DEC to 3rd JAN

    Content: Blueprint x 20 Instant Build x 20

    Price: 950 Diamonds

    Purchase Limit: Once per day

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    • OMG this mission is gonna be so helpful with the resource drain going in my base.

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    • Ring bundle price is 1450 Diamonds...

      and just a reminder the mission 1 is for hard mode

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    • A FANDOM user
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