• Jan20 2017 Maintenance

    WSGR will have a maintenance from 13:00 to 16:00 on Jan 20, game version will be updated. You will need to download new client.

    2.9.0 Update Notes:

    New Functions:

    • Special lines/display bubble in port for married ships
    • You will be able to scroll through the lines when acquiring/marrying a ship

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed some bugs

    New Drops:

    • DD Minekaze
    • DD Laffey(Benson Class)
    • BB Caio Duilio
    • BM Gustav V
    • CAV Gotland

    (New ships will drop from world 2 to 7)

    New Modifications:

    • BB Richelieu
    • CVL Hiyo
    • CVL Junyo

    New Costumes:

    • Fubuki “Winter Uniform”
    • Z31 “Lolita Style”

    Lines change/new married lines: a bunch

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