• The Fire Bulge Defensive Event Feb 1st - Feb 8th

    Event time: 15:00 CST (GMT+8), Feb 1st, 2017 - 15:00 CST (GMT+8), Feb 8th, 2017

    E1 Defence of the North Sea Base

     Reward: CL Murmansk (Omaha Class)

    E2 Defence of Trondheim

     Reward: Tu-91 Torpedo Bomber

    E3 Battle of the Fjords

     Reward: BB Sovetsky Soyuz (Soviet Union)

    E4 Battle of the Ice Sea (HARD)

     Reward: PAT-52 Rocket Torpedo (Accesory)

    E5 Sneaking in the White Sea (HARD)

     Reward: Trophy * 30

    E6 Defence of the Hero City (HARD)

     Reward: Special Avatar


    1. E3 - E6 are hard mode of this defensive event, in which Friend Reinforcement is not allowed.

    2. By completing E3 and E6, Admirals can obtain corresponding medals, all participating warship girls can also obtain corresponding medals.

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