• Maint start Feb 13 @ 3Pm

    Mission 1

    Feb 14 - ONE DAY ONLY

    10 Battle Victories

    Reward: Engagement Rings x 1

    Mission 2

    Feb 14 to Feb 20

    Marry any Ship

    Reward: Motobomba FFF

    Limited time cash shop packages - one off purchase

    Feb 14 ONE DAY ONLY

    Engagement ring x 2 Damage Control x 1

    Price: 1000 Diamonds

    Following costume available for purchase

    BC Hood - Cupid's Gift

    CL Koln - An Unique Present

    Wedding gown can be obtained from following ship upon marriage

    BC Kongou

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    • Time for a race to Kongou.

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    • Meh Kongou isnt even near to my line-up god damit. I hope next time we get a gown for a good BB. At least we get a good torp.

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    • A free engagement ring is always welcome! Good!

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    • what does Motobomba FFF?

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    • A FANDOM user
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