• New Features

    Added ability to purchase damage repair during battle

    Animation during buff stage increased

    Battle formation now have written explanation

    Optimised equipment view from battle prep screen

    Bug Fixes

    Display bug for achievement medals

    Non working skills in certain maps

    CV Gotland display bug during aerial combat

    Torpedo launcher for CL  Glorious

    New area unlocked

    Map 7-2: Madeira and surrounds

    New Ships

    CVL Guadalcanal

    CL Oakland

    DD Cushing

    SS U156

    BC Haruna

    BC Courageous

    CL Jintsu

    New Modifications

    CV Shokaku

    DD Hatsuyuki

    DD Suzutsuki

    DD Reshitelny

    Goeben removed from shipdex

    New ship class


    New Costume - Free

    DDG Chang Chun - The One and Only available upon remodel)

    CV Saratoga - Summer Holidays

    New Costumes - Cash

    BB Bismark - Dr Bisko

    BB Rodney - Rodnol

    BC Graf Spee - Holiday Luggage

    Special dialogue for the following costumes

    BB Bismark - Dr Bisko

    CL Yat Sen - Turquoise embroidery and Adornments of Vermillion

    DD Fubuki - Autumn Uniform

    Special BGM for the following costume

    BB Bismark - Dr Bisko

    Following ships gets additional marriage dialogue (from 2 lines to 3)

    BB Bismark

    BB Rodney

    BB Richelieu

    BB Tirpitz

    DD Z16

    DD Glowworm

    DD O'Bannon

    DD Tashkent

    DD Hibiki

    SS Archerfish

    SS Albacore

    SS U47

    CL Helena

    CA Quincy

    CA Aoba

    CA Mogami

    CV Lexington

    CV Akagi

    BC Hood

    BC Renown

    CAV Taiho

    CVL Chaser

    CAV Shinano

    New Marriage Dialogue

    BB Missouri

    BB Nelson

    BB Veneto

    BB Colorado

    BB South Virginia

    BB Maryland

    BB Prince of Wales

    BB Oklahoma

    BB Nevada

    DD Reshitelny

    DD Laffey

    DD Laffey (Benson class)

    DD Jackal

    DD Z31

    DD Amethyst

    DD Vauquelin

    DD Fantasque

    DD Thatcher

    DD Sullivans

    DD Sigsbee

    DD Antonio da Noli

    DD Shirayuki

    DD Miyuki

    DD Hatsuyuki

    DD Ayanami

    DD Shikinami

    DD Akatsuki

    DD Ikazuchi

    DD Inazuma

    DD Suzutsuki

    DD Andrea Doria

    SS U47

    AP Odin

    CL Chao Ho

    CL Ping Hai

    CL Sirius

    CL Aurora

    CL Roberts

    CA Admiral Hipper

    CA Blucher

    CV Hornet

    CV Kaga

    CV Shokaku

    BC Repulse

    CVL Argus

    CVL Ranger

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