• April Fools Event

    Event Package 1

    01/04/07 to 04/04/17

    Ring x 2 Damage Control x 1

    Price: 1000Diamond

    Limit: once only

    Event Package 2

    All resources x 2000

    Price: 450 Diamond

    Limit: once per day during event period

    Event Missions

    01/04/17 to 04/04/17

    Defeat Map 1-5 with VV. Ryuujou, or Converse in the fleet

    Reward: All res x 1000, Damage Control x 1

    New costumes for Richelieu and Kent

    we were told that Converse will turn into a cute animal during April Fools. Also, Yudachi is willing to grant Ryuujou a wish if she can keep an item on her head for the entire day. Veneto didn't wake up on the day, wonder what kind of dream she's having?

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    • So next event is probably in May? When does Moe usually release teasers for large events, 1-2 weeks out?

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    • A FANDOM user
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