• server maintenance April28th 2017 10:00 to 17:00 China standard time(april27 22:00 to april28 5:00 EST)

    game will be updated to version 3.0.0

    • 1)Port system added. "Dorm" "Admiral's Room" "Collection Room" added. Players can buy furniture boxes with panties or diamonds, the two kinds of boxes are the same.
    • 2) CV added, player's choice between chinese and japanese
    • 3) "furniture box" and "storage room expansion" added to cash shop
    • 4) furniture box added to panties shop, price is 25 panties per box, no upper limit.
    • 5) 7day login reward fixed reward changed to furniture box*1. Random reward is not affected.
    • 6) furniture box*1 is added to reward for world 4 weekly quest
    • 7) 2-5 branching criteria change: B-C:SS≥3, I-N:BB≥3
    • 8) changed some text
    • 9) MVP voice(chinese) added

    Illustration change:

    New Ships:

    New Modifications:

    Skill Changes:

    • Shokaku: at lv3, chance raised from 20% to 25%
    • Hatsuyuki: at lv3, chance raised from 20% to 30%

    New Lines:

    a bunch

    April28 2017 patch note
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    • Getting to pick between Japanese and Chinese, they are saints.

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    • Are the home screen voices cutting out for anyone else? Kinda annoying :/

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    • As soon as someone figures out what button is the language options, let me know.

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    • It's right under sound, 日 is japanese, 中 is Chinese

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    • So 2 questions, 1 is Which Language has more voices? chinease or Japanese? and 2, what are the 3 locked Buildings in the Naval base view? (Where you can check dorms and your office)

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    • Chinese probably has more voices, for example Japanese doesn't have any MVP lines whereas Chinese apparently does after this update.

      Presumably the other buildings are parts of the naval base we might get to customize or use for different mechanics in the future.

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    • Different ships are voiced in JP vs CN. Ships like Bismarck, Andrea Doria, Essex, Nelson, Gearing have JP va, but lack CN ones. Likewise, ships like Richelieu and Yat Sen have CN voices but not JP ones. JP has no MVP lines, and also lacks some marriage lines that are voiced in Chinese, but I'm almost inclined to believe that there is more JP voices overall given the number of ships I've come across that are voiced in JP but not CN.

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    • Richelieu has a JP voice, I don't think they recorded lines for her Modernized form though. Same thing for Yat Sen, you can hear their voices in the gallery intros.

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    • Yeah MF seems to be pretty selective with which ships and lines are voiced. It's understandable given that some of the secretary lines (more likely than not the marriage ones) can get pretty lengthy in Chinese. 

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    • As an update to this, you can check the Chinese wiki to see they have started uploading audio samples and it is very clear that while some ships are exclusively voiced in one language or the other, the Chinese VO's have many more lines almost completing the character's full voice list whereas JP voices only cover the basics.

      I'm sure this will change in the future but something to keep in mind if you are looking for more variety in voices.

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    • Has anyone figured out how to recycle furniture?

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    • 1. Go to Dormitory. Click on the bottom right tab to open the menu and select "仓库". It'll take you to a list of your current furnitures not in use.

      2. There should be a blue column on the right side with 3 large rectangular buttons. Click the third button "家具回收" and it'll open a smaller UI indicating 3 - 6 stars (which rarity of furniture you want to recycle).

      3. Choose which rarity you want to recycle and the furniture list will automatically be filtered to that rarity. Clicking on designated furnitures now will mark them with a number. You will need to recycle X number of furniture to get one box, with X being 4 for 3-star, 3 for 4-star, 2 for 5-star, or 1 for 6-star furniture. This is indicated by a 0/X on the top of the screen depending on which rarity you've selected. The number right below it starts at 0 and indicates how many boxes you will get with the current number of furniture you have chosen to recycle.

      4. Click "确定" at the right to recycle.

      Haven't done partial recycles so don't know what happens.

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    • Thanks, I figured it was one of the side buttons but given the similar UI in the dock screen I didn't want to mess with stuff I can't read. 

      So does that mean in theory you can keep recycling a single 6 rarity furniture until you find something you want/need?

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    • Yes, but keep in mind that the chances of getting a 5-star furniture or higher are ~13.4% for premium boxes according to their most recently published rates, and presumably even less for the normal boxes that you get for recycling. 珍藏 = "premium" boxes that you buy from market with higher rates of getting rarer items. 藏品 = normal boxes obtained in game without use of premium currency. There's a good chance that the box you get for trading in a 6-star furniture will have a common 3-star furniture, so it's ill-advised to trade in higher rarity furnitures for boxes unless you really hate having duplicates of them.

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    • Nevermind, I was thinking that putting a rare furniture in guaranteed higher rarities in return. That makes more sense.

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    • Btw, a rough translation of the three unavailable buildings are "Bath House", Restaurant", and "Academy" or "School".

      Bath house seems obvious for girls being repaired, but restaurant and academy seem like new mechanics.

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    • A FANDOM user
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