• For me, I like the name of Fubuki, I was wanted to use her as my starter waifu B) but.... when I saw her illustration with the rest of fubuki fleet, ( I was different meh =.=, unlike Kancolle, have something special. Special normal power among normals... /.\ )

    Then, I try with firefly.... she IS DAMN cute when getting hit to yellow... Okay. My chose is her... For the purpose of getting her to yellow condition B)

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    • I remember that I picked up Fubuki when I started to play this game as my initial ship.

      At the time, I downloaded this game for judging how Warship Girls copies from Kancolle, so I chose Fubuki just because I wanted to compare two games.

      TBH, I like none of initial ships and I accidently disassemble my first Fubuki because I was dumb and I am still feeling guilty about this.

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    • @Laoweek

      Fubuki's revenge at night B), and in Kancolle too

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    • G L O W W O R M

      All the way.

      Twin tails are the best.

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    • Kind of unfair for the other 2 for not having an upgrade version xDD

      so Glowworm for me :D

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    • My Dear Z16 <3 

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    • Glowworm!

      TBH at the beginning I thought Fubuki is the cutest - but my friend told me to pick Glowworm because she has the best skill and is the hardest to acquire. 

      And then I fell in love with Glowworm, especially after reading about her actions in the last moment of her life, when she valiantly struck into Hipper before sinking. In WSG, I'm always reminded of her bravery every time when she, in her critically damaged stage, uses her skill Fearless Strike.

      She is and will always be my all-time favorite destroyer. 

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    • I had no preference of starter girls at the time I had to choose one. I picked Z16 because of my intuitional trust in "German technology".(Bismark mentioned that as well.) I just gave her the third ring of my fleet for the first girl I had in this game.

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