• I have just Recently got Richelieu (im probably Butchering her name ATM) and i realised something when i looked her up on the Wiki. In her Picture, her Dual Quad Cannons are plain, However you look on the side of the wiki and you see her picture with Black Covers for where the Barrel meets the Turret. That a Mistake on the wiki or the game? o-o (Ill Post pictures of what i mean)

    (Her Current Picture:)


    (Her Wiki Picture:)


    Richelieu Wiki

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    • (LoL) In game, she doesn't have black cover over the barrels ( I don't have Richelieu though xD),

      (LoL) What just happened? maybe is the image before the server's split,( just maybe ) 

      ( You got a pair of ****ing great eyes though ... )

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    • Yeah, I don't know why I don't have those beautiful black covers... :(

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    • BTW how did you get her craft or Quest... If craft do you still remember the amount of resources you use to construct her (Fuel Ammo Steel and the Bauxite)

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