• Being a scrub lord and to get an idea of what ships look like and what there diffrences are (i did the same in Warthunder Also reading lots of reading) wondered if anyone has played it.

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    • Assuming that you are asking for the similarities and differences between the two games, World of Warships is all about the ships (pop over to World of Tanks for tanks, stick with War Thunder for planes). You can choose between carriers, battleships, cruisers or destoryers from countries like the United States, Japan, USSR or Germany to enter either PvE or PvP matches. In matches, you damage and destroy other warships with your main guns, torpedoes (for destroyers and some cruisers), and planes (carriers only), and you will receive credits and experiences after each match. Gaining enough experiences on one ship will help you unlock ship upgrades, the next tier ship, or another new line of ships. My highest tier ships include tier 6 Cleveland of the American Cruiser Line and tier 5 Furutaka of the Japanese Cruiser Line.

      For more detailed explanation on the game and game mechanism, check out the World of Warships Wiki from Wargaming and Youtube videos from other captains. I think they will do a better job at explaining everything for you.

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    • well you understood me partially. What i meant was learning the individual looks and strengths to better understand these machines i played warthunder due to its avaliblity and its although questionable flight caracteristics how they would perform. this is due in part to my dyslexica and dyspraixa making information sometimes hard to learn although i can learn from all sources. /rantover. back to the topic yeah i went down the carrier line to the teir 7 in japan and tier 4 in destroyers america i got as far as the tier 4 then stopped playing and the tier 4 cruiser in japan also

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