• Digimon LinkZ/ デジモンリンクス( Android Game/ IOS ) by BANDAI NAMCO in GooglePlay/Appstore

    Woah~ it's just released today, looks great and promising~ 

    デジモンリンクス 第2弾PV




    Battle Scene:

    2016-03-24 18-04-46
    2016-03-24 18-06-31
    2016-03-24 18-05-19
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    • This looks good. Might give it a shot later today

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    • meanwhile i play Soul Chaser... which at first, i thought it's the korea version of Digimon Linkz 
      Final bstSnapshot 227341


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    • Yeah soul chaser is from another company, while Digimon Linkz is by Bandai..

      I like pokemon style like they made in Digimon Linkz xD...

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