Vittorio Veneto is a battleship based on Italian battleship Vittorio Veneto. ( Chinese Simplifed : 维内托/ Pronounce : WeiNeiTuo )


Vittorio Veneto was a member of Littorio-class battleships from I-country. The overall design of Littorio-class ships was remarkable, especially her 381mm guns that were as powerful as 406mm guns. In her protection design, Veneto utilized Pugliese Defense System. During World War II, Vittorio Veneto participated in two unsuccessful attempts at intercepting British convoys (Operations Hats and MB 5) in September 1940, and became the fleet flagship after the battle of Taranto, where she was one of the three Italian battleships left undamaged. In mid-November 1940 she sortied to counter British Operation White (sending of aircraft reinforcements to Malta); there was no contact between the fleets, but the sortie of the Italian ships caused the British operation's failure, as the aircraft were launched too early and fell into the sea after running out of fuel. In March 1941 Vittorio Veneto was stuck and damaged by torpedoes in the Battle of Cape Matapan, and she was repaired in five months. In August and September 1941 she participated in more unsuccessful sorties against British convoys (Operation Halberd), and in December she was torpedoed and damaged by submarine HMS Urge while herself escorting convoys to Libya. Repaired in early 1942, she was part of the force that sailed in June 1942 against British operation Vigorous, another convoy to Malta; this time, the threat posed by the Italian force caused the British convoy to abort its mission and go back to Alexandria. After this operation, Vittorio Veneto's activity came to an end due to fuel shortage. After the surrender of I-country, Veneto was relocated to Malta and was attacked by G-country radio-controlled bombs, but was not damaged. She was interned in the Bitter Lakes (near the Suez Canal) from late 1943 to October 1946; Veneto lived to see the end of World War II, but was scrapped in 1948.


Named after Battle of Vittorio Veneto, the final battle where Italy defeated Austria-Hungary at the end of World War I.


Vittorio Veneto C
Type BB Birthday 25 July
No. 112

Vittorio Veneto C

Vittorio Veneto CD

Rarity 5 Nationality I-Country
Class Vittorio Class Illustrator Saru
Vittorio Veneto
Attributes Construction/Acquiring
Icon-HP 75 Icon-firepower ?? 5:10:00
Icon-aircraft 3/3/3/3 Icon-armor 78/98 Equipment
Icon-torpedo 0 Icon-luck 17 0 I-Country 381mm Guns in triple mountsI-Country 381mm Guns in triple mounts
Icon-evasion 28/48 Icon-AA 32/62 0 Pugliese Torpedo Defense SystemPugliese Torpedo Defense System
Icon-range Long Icon-recon 14/39 0 Italian Tableware SetItalian Tableware Set
Icon-AS ?? Icon-speed 31 0  
More attributes
Disassembling ??/??/??/??
Enhancement ??/??/??/??
Consumption 90/130

Vittorio Veneto


Vittorio Veneto damaged


Type BB Birthday Jul 25
No. 1112
Rarity 6 Nationality I-Country
Class Vittorio Veneto Class Illustrator Saru
Attributes Construction/Acquiring
Icon-HP 80 Icon-firepower 93/113 Remodel
Icon-aircraft 12 Icon-armor 84/104 Equipment
Icon-torpedo 0 Icon-luck 20 0 I-Country triple turrets 381 mm/50 cal guns
Icon-evasion 38/61 Icon-AA 40/70 0 Pugliese torpedo defense system
Icon-range Long Icon-recon 19/39 0  
Icon-AS 0 Icon-speed 31 0  
More attributes
Disassembling 50/60/60/0
Enhancement 93/0/84/24
Consumption 90/130
Skill: Italian Design


Condition When becomes a target of enemy's attack


All Stage
Range Self
Effect Lv1 Increase the firepower by 10, decrease the accuracy by 18.
Immunise the first attack targeted Veneto in combat
(no matter this attack actually hits or not)
Lv2 Increase the firepower by 15, decrease the accuracy by 12.
Immunise the first attack targeted Veneto in combat
(no matter this attack actually hits or not)
Lv3 Increase the firepower by 20, decrease the accuracy by 6.
Immunise the first attack targeted Veneto in combat
(no matter this attack actually hits or not)
Note N/A

Acquiring Info

Level 80
Consumption 0/150/3000/500
Cores Battleship cores x 25


Event Quote

Buongiorno signor ammiraglio. Here is Vittorio Veneto, Littorio class battleship of the I-Country Navy. It's my pleasure to meet you here. Please assist me to handle the rest of the military affairs.


Buongiorno vuoi il caffè? Veneto is very happy with the coffee and the unexpected surprises. I will be relieved if you can be with me.

Event Quote

Buongiorno signor ammiraglio,I国海军所属,维托里奥维内托级战列舰维内托。有幸与提督会面,接下来的军务有劳提督协助我一同处理。


Buongiorno vuoi il caffè?能在这里享受清晨的咖啡,同时也收到了这份意外的惊喜,维内托现在很幸福。有提督在我身边的话,我会安心很多。


  • A.k.a VV (Vittorio Veneto)
  • Vittorio Veneto's red-white stripes tie resembles the Italian Navy Air Recognition Stripes on the bow, which it is the common feature of Italian warship during World War II.
  • She acts as the Ex-3 final boss in the latest summer event. Although the illustration is abyss fleet, her data and equipment are the same as the Ex-4 reward.
  • Coffee is her favorite. Even at war, she also brings her coffee cup and enjoys the coffee while firing. In the history, it is said that Vittorio Veneto is much more luxurious than we thought, just like a yacht cruise.
  • Her illustration is just like the leader of a Mafia, serious and mature. Her sister Camicia Nera's words confirm the view. But her size is like a loli. It is because Vittorio Veneto has the lowest Initial Metacentric Height among the famous battleships of WWII. As it was built to operate in the relatively small Mediterranean Sea, never far from a friendly base, her endurance is low (although her displacement was fairly similar to other contemporary battleships):
NameTonnageInitial Metacentric Height
Vittorio Veneto450291.61
King George V453602.20
Vittorio Veneto4700 sea mile/14 knot
Richelieu5000 sea mile/18 knot
King George V6300 sea mile/20 knot
North Carolina17430 sea mile/15 knot
South Dakota17000 sea mile/15 knot

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