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William D. Porter is a destroyer based on USS William D. Porter.


William D. Porter's experience in the Pacific was dramatic, to say the least. In 1943 she accidentally launched torpedoes toward the Iowa-Class Battleship she was escorting, which happened to be carrying president Franklin D. Roosevelt onboard. Luckily the battleship dodged the torpedoes and they caused no damage. In the Battle of Okinawa, she was bombarded with an enemy kamikaze attack. The destroyer managed to evade the suicidal plane, and it splashed down nearby her. Somehow, the explosive-laden plane ended up directly beneath Porter, before it exploded. Suddenly, the warship was lifted out of the water and then dropped back again, likely caused by the force of the underwater blast. William D. Porter heeled over to starboard and sank by the stern. Miraculously, her crew suffered no fatal injuries.


Named after William D. Porter.


William D. Porter_C.png
Type DD Birthday 27 September
No. 181
Rarity 5 Nationality U-Country
Class Fletcher Class Illustrator Saru
William D. Porter.png
Attributes Construction/Acquiring
HP 17 firepower 8/28 Battle of Middle Island E3 J, E4 C D G H K, E5
Aircraft 0 Armor 7/22 Equipment
Torpedo 20/70 Luck 2 0 U-Country 5in Gun.pngU-Country 5in Gun
Evasion 40/80 Anti-air 28/58 0 5x533mm Torpedo.png5x533mm Torpedo
Range Short Reconnaissance 1/1 0 N/A
Anti-submarine 25/55 Speed 37 0 N/A
More attributes
Disassembling 4/8/6/0
Enhancement 0/20/7/5
Consumption 15/25
Skill: Jinx


Condition N/A


Range All
Effect Lv1 -10 luck
Lv2 -5 luck
Lv3 This skill is of no use~
Note Skill is Lv1 when you get her


William the Joker



April Fool's Day Event
Price {{{Price}}}


Event Quote

I am Fletcher-class destroyer, William D. Porter. You can call me Willie. Hey~ Where are you going?


Really? Willie is so happy to hear that~ Can I shoot my guns to celebrate? ...Ahh, it's a pity...

Event Quote





  • She has a pair of glasses in her illustration. Also, she is quite famous with her glasses on. How about no? A.k.a Glasses or Megane ( 眼镜 / 扫把星 Jinx )


William D. Porter, also known as Willie, or "Willie Dee", called by her crews. (But not "Porter".)

Unlike other ships who had achievements or not, her career was completely ridiculous:[1][2][3]

5 Craziest Stories, All Happened on the Same Ship
  1. On 12 November 1943, she departed Norfolk to rendezvous with Iowa (BB-61). That battleship was on her way to North Africa carrying President Franklin D. Roosevelt to the Cairo and Teheran Conferences. William D. Porter was reported to have been involved in a mishap while departing Norfolk when her anchor tore the railing and lifeboat mounts off a docked sister destroyer while maneuvering astern.
  2. The next day, a depth charge from the deck of William D. Porter fell into the rough sea and exploded, causing Iowa and the other escort ships to take evasive maneuvers under the assumption that the task force had come under torpedo attack by a German U-boat.
  3. On 14 November, at Roosevelt's request, Iowa conducted an anti-aircraft drill to demonstrate her ability to defend herself. William D. Porter, along with the other escort ships, also demonstrated a torpedo drill by simulating a launch at Iowa. This drill suddenly went awry when a torpedo from mount #2 aboard William D. Porter discharged from its tube and headed toward Iowa. William D. Porter attempted to signal Iowa about the incoming torpedo but, owing to orders to maintain radio silence, used a signal lamp instead. However, the destroyer first misidentified the direction of the torpedo and then relayed the wrong message. In desperation the destroyer finally broke radio silence, using codewords that relayed a warning message to Iowa regarding the incoming torpedo. Not long afterward, the torpedo detonated in the ship's wake, some 3,000 yards astern of the Iowa. Good news is that Iowa was unhurt.

    Following these events, the William D. Porter's captain, and her entire crew, were placed under arrest. As a result of this friendly fire incident, ships would routinely greet the destroyer with the hail "Don't shoot! We're Republicans!"
  4. Obviously no one was going to let the Porter get anywhere near a high-profile mission ever again. So they sent them to the only campaign no one ever really cared about: Alaska. They got exiled to the Aleutian Islands. There are practically zero presidents to assassinate in Alaska. After surviving in the freezing cold for nearly a year with nary a disaster, everything was going well. Right up until they were about to leave for reassignment, that is. One of the sailors on board had gotten drunk and decided to give the big guns a whirl. Unfortunately for that sailor, the shell was steered by the powers of bad luck right into the base commander's front yard, exploding in his flower garden, obviously ruining the flowers and further demolishing what was left of the ship's reputation. This would have been bad enough, except the sailor fired it while the commander had other officers and their wives over for a party.
  5. After returning briefly to Lingayen Gulf, William D. Porter moved on to Leyte to prepare for the assault on Okinawa. On 10 June 1945, William D. Porter fell victim to a unique (though fatal) kamikaze attack. At 08:15 that morning, an obsolete Aichi D3A "Val" dive bomber dropped unheralded out of the clouds and made straight for the warship. The destroyer managed to evade the suicide plane, and it splashed down nearby her. Somehow, the explosive-laden plane ended up directly beneath William D. Porter before it exploded. Suddenly, the warship was lifted out of the water and then dropped back again, likely caused by the force of the underwater blast. She lost power and suffered broken steam lines. A number of fires also broke out. For three hours, her crew struggled to put out the fires, repair the damage, and keep the ship afloat. The crew's efforts were in vain; and, 12 minutes after the order to abandon ship went out, William D. Porter heeled over to starboard and sank by the stern. Miraculously, her crew suffered no fatal injuries.

In her quotes, she says she wants to celebrate by shooting guns. (Please don't do that. Otherwise you will have no place to sleep tonight.)

In damaged illustration, she is shooting torpedo to YOU. (STOP! I am not the President!!)


As an uncommon ship in history, her attributes are also uncommon.

  • Luck: 2. Lowest in game.
  • Reconnaissance: 1. Cannot increase by leveling up.
  • Skill: Jinx (see the skill description above).

William D. Porter is the first ship that has Lv 1 skill when you get her, and the first ship that has ONLY DEBUFF as her skill.

By the way, the buff icon is a broom and a star. In Chinese cultures, comets (literally: "broom star") are believed to bring bad luck to mankind.[4]

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