Lexington is an aircraft carrier based on USS Lexington (CV-2).

Introduction 编辑

Lexington (CV-2) was originally a Lexington-class battle cruiser but was reconstructed into an aircraft carrier. After she entered service in 1927, Lexington and her sister Saratoga participated in a series of US naval exercises and accumulated a large amount of experience in the usage and development of aircraft carriers. When the war erupted, Lexington had been carrying aircrafts to Wake Island. In the Battle of Coral Sea of 1942, Lexington sank an IJN aircraft carrier and damaged another. However, she in turn was heavily damaged by an IJN aircraft carrier and sank in the end.


Attributes 编辑


Type CV
No. 35 列克星敦

Lexington C

Lexington CD

Rairty 4
Birthday 3 October
Nationality U-Country
Class Lexington Class
Illustrator 水乌龟


Attributes Construction Modification
Icon-speed 73 Icon-firepower 0/40 03:40:00 Lv. 40 & Carrier Core x5
Icon-aircraft 85 Icon-armor 49/74 Equipment
Icon-torpedo 0 Icon-luck 20 20

U-Country 4x1.1in AA Machine Guns

Icon-evasion 36/56 Icon-AA 47/77 20

Improved Air Radar

Icon-range Short Icon-armor 52/87 35

Icon-recon 0 Icon-speed 33.2 10

Disassembling 30/40/60/40
Enhancement 0/0/25/64
Consumption 55/60
Modification Consumption 200/0/400/500

Modification Comparison 编辑

Rarity HP Distribution Torpedo Evasion Range AS Firepower Armour Luck AA


Lexington 4 53 80[20,20,30,10] 0 30/50 Short 0 0/35 40/65 20 37/67 42/67 33.2
Lexington M 5 73 85[20,20,35,10] 0 36/56 Short 0 0/40 49/74 20 47/77 52/87 33.2

Skill 编辑

Aeronautics Pioneer
Type Buff
Condition Nothing
Stage All phases
Range Self and adjacent ship(s)
Effect Lv1 Increases aircraft performance by 7%.
Lv2 Increases aircraft performance by 11%.
Lv3 Increases aircraft performance by 15%.

Illustration 编辑


Obtaining 编辑

/ 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7-
1 X X
2 X X X
3 X X X
4 X X X
5 N/A N/A

# Description Icon-fuel Icon-ammu Icon-steel Icon-bauxite Additional Require
P14 通关深海仁州基地 (1-4)

Pass 1-4

Defeat final fleet in map 1-4 30 30 30 10 Lexington P13

Costume 编辑

Love Blue

Ship girls 29 1

Ship girls 29 1 b

Obtaining Engaging Lexington
Description before obtaining This wedding dress apparently cost 520 Bauxite
Description after obtaining Meeting you was my destiny, being in love with you is my happiness, protecting you is the commitment of my life.


Event Quote
Acquisition Lead ship of Lexington-class aircraft carrier, Lexington. Can you feel the sea wind, Commander? 


Engagement Commander, what do you think of my island? Gorgeous? Thank you. What? You mean me? Hmm... I'm glad to hear that, as long as you like it.


Secretary (Daytime 1)
Secretary (Daytime 2)
Secretary (Daytime 3)
Secretary (Nighttime 1)
Secretary (Nighttime 2)
Secretary (Nighttime 3)
Choosing Formation

Trivia 编辑

Lady Lex 编辑

  • Her nickname is "Lady Lex", which is used by both the American navy and players.
  • She looks like her sister Saratoga (and so did USS Lexington and USS Saratoga).
  • According to the data released on 2015 July 18, of the 572,111 married ships in game, Lexington is the most common with 238415 marriages.

Reward of 1-4 编辑

  • Since aircraft carrier is an extremely rare type of ship in the game, Lexington is usually the only aircraft carrier most players can acquire during the beginning of their journey (before Saratoga became the reward for achieving Lv 40, she was also probably the only directly available aircraft carrier).
  • Lexington becomes the second most powerful aircraft carrier after remodeling (with Saratoga remodeled the most powerful).

Other 编辑

  • She provided electricity for Tacoma, Washington from December 1929 to January 1930, 4,250,000 kWh in total.