Draft 编辑

This is the draft of Warship Girls Wiki Editing Guideline

General 编辑

Copying 编辑

Copying is fine as long as no right is infringed. However, editors are not encouraged to copy and paste as this site is neither NavWeaps nor Wikipedia; materials from elsewhere may not be suitable for Warship Girls Wiki. But editors are encouraged to reference the materials to add information that fits the context of articles.

If you believe it is more appropriate to copy a large piece of information from other sources, please follow the license of the material and also the license of Wikia.

Subjective information编辑

These contents are considered subjective and should not be added in an article:

1. Anything in first person

E.g. "I think/believe/feel...

Go the forum, and you can say whatever you think in an appropriate way

2. Recommendations.

E.g.The best way to clear 1-1 is using 6 carriers.

Everyone are definitely encouraged to post their thoughts/guides about strategies for clearing chapter and the best recipes they think on the forum. But editors should never mention recommendations in articles. That is because there are many ways (normally) to accomplish the goal in the game, and by recommending/mentioning some of them in articles may affect players to explore other (potentially better) ways to accomplish the goal.

Note: This rule does not apply to compulsory fleet composition and recipe thresholds.


The context of this section: Warship Girls July Incident

Since Patch is long gone, there is no point mentioning ships, equipments, and maps of Patch version of Warship Girls. Adding unnecessary information related to Patch and the Patch version of Warship Girls will be considered pro-patch and removed.


Warship Girls Wiki:

  1. Does not allow satellites added to articles, but no restriction applied to the comment section and the forum.
  2. Does not approve or acknowledge any satellites.

Definition of satellite:

  1. Anything that is not in the game, and
  2. Anything that is not confirmed by official announcements

That means screenshots or posts from staffs or even official MF or Warship Girls Dev account are still considered satellites until they are mentioned in the official announcements.

Ancestry jokes编辑

Ancestry jokes are commonly used in Chinese Warship Girls community as well as Warship Girls Chinese Wiki/Database. But these jokes doesn't really work in a global community context. Ancestry jokes shouldn't be used under any circumstance.